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Much information and many insights to the early years of Wake Forest University are readily available in four volumes covering the history of Wake Forest College from 1834 to 1967. The volumes include: George Washington Paschal, History of Wake Forest College. Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, N.C. Vols. I, 1834-1865, (1935), II, 1865-1905(1943), III 1905-1943 (1943); and Bynum Shaw, History of Wake Forest College. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C. Vol. IV, 1943-1967 (1988). All four of these are out of print, hard to find, and are frequently quite expensive even when available. There is at this point no general coverage of the administrations of Presidents James Ralph Scales and Thomas K. Hearn.

Many individuals, librarians, technical experts, historians and lovers of Wake Forest history have assisted in making this digital version of the four volumes of Wake Forest College history available in digital form. Future researchers are in their debt.

J. Edwin Hendricks, Professor of History, Wake Forest University

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