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  • Shadows
    • A cat nap
    • An old fox
    • Lady and horse
    • The frog
    • A strong lion
    • Pat
    • Pigeon
    • The ram
    • A young deer
    • Yelping whelp
    • One of the boys
    • A sheep
    • Gorilla
    • The dodo
    • Rhinoceros
    • A striking goat
    • Grandma
    • Pretty poll
    • The bull
    • The Wolf
    • The canada goose
    • The kid
    • The vulture
    • Guardian of the peace
    • He couldn't help it
    • Rabbit
    • A duck
    • Coon
    • The mule
    • The tiger
    • An old hen
    • Old rooster
    • Quack doctor
    • Our friend Jack
    • The crow
  • Histories of poor boys who have become rich, and other famous people
    • Life of Leland Stanford. Life of Senator Stanford
    • Life of Benjamin Harrison. Life of President Harrison
    • Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Life of Gladstone
    • Life of Alfred Tennyson. Life of Tennyson
    • Life of Sarah Bernhardt. History of Sarah Bernhardt
    • Life of Charles Stewart Parnell. Life of Chas. S. Parnell
    • Life of George W. Childs. Life of Geo. W. Childs
    • Life of Edgar Allan Poe. Life of Edgar Allen Poe
    • Life of Levi P. Morton. Levi P. Morton
    • Life of Horace B. Claflin. Horace B. Claflin
    • Life of Adelina Patti-Nicolini. Adelina Patti
    • Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Life of H.W. Longfellow
    • Life of John Greenleaf Whittier. Life of John G. Whittier
    • Life of P.T. Barnum. P.T. Barnum
    • Life of Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll. Life of Robt Ingersoll
    • Life of Ezra Cornell. Ezra Cornell
    • Life of Joseph Jefferson. Life of Joe Jefferson
    • Life of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie
    • History of General Benjamin F. Butler. Short history of Benj. F. Butler
    • History of General Don Carlos Buell Short history of Gen'l. D.C. Buell
    • Life of Thomas Alva Edison. History of Thos. Edison
    • Life of Etelka Gerster. History of Etelka Gerster
    • Life of Helena Modjeska. History of Mme Modjeska
    • Life of John Jacob Astor. John Jacob Astor
    • Life of John Henry Brodribb Irving. Life of Henry Irving
    • Life of Ole Bull. History of Ole Bull
    • Life of Tommaso Salvini. Tommaso Salvini
    • Life of Commodore Vanderbilt. History of Cornelius Vanderbilt
    • Life of James Buchanan Eads.Life of Jas. B. Eads
  • Terrors of America and their doings
    • Swimming. Cheese it, the cop, fellars
    • I'm de boss whistler on the block I'm the boss whistler on the block
    • Get onto the dude.
    • Helen Standish in colors of Bunker Hill Yacht Club
    • Here's my Maud S.
    • Ah, go hit a feller yer size! Ah, go hit a fellow your size!
    • I didn't steal no apples mister!
    • Say yous fellows, come take a Turkish bath
    • Get onto me spread de eagle
    • Football.Oh my shin.
    • EXTRA! EXTRA!!
    • I'm de boss of de gang you'se kin bet I'm the boss of the gang you can bet
    • Keep the pot a boilin'.
    • The pitcher. Just watch me twist it.
    • The Boss Fighter. I knocked the stuffin' out of Billy anyhow
    • The boss short-stop. Gee...Whitaker.
    • Tug of War Pull now boys, altogether.
    • Out on first! How's that umpire?
    • Watch him kick it
    • Get off there! Do you think I'm a feather bed?
    • Say, stop de game. me galluses is gone wrong!
    • Let her go slow, Gallagher.
    • The Figure Eight.
    • Ain't she a beauty
    • Election Night
    • Line up, back there.
    • BEFORE ELECTION. This'll make her blaze.
    • SNOWBALLING. Just look at that hat.
    • I save yer the core. I'll save you the core.
    • Kite Time. Great Scott! But she's a pullin!!
    • Missus, lemme clean it for a quarter?
    • Saturday afternoon, and me a playin' nurse
    • A great big bite
    • Oh! If I catch that rabbitt
    • Wid me one hand
    • I'd make a dandy girl! Thanksgiving Day
    • Rear view of Missus, lemme clean it for a quarter
  • Histories of the following generals
    • History of General Quincy Adams Gillmore Short history of Genl. Gillmore
    • History of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut. Short history of Adm'l Farragut

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Summary Information

Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives
Duke Tobacco Company Cigarette Card Collection
19th Century
0.2 linear feet 1 small box
Mixed materials [Box]

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Administrative Information

Publication Information
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives
Historical note
In the late 19th century, colorful cigarette cards were an ideal way to advertise the use of tobacco, an increasingly popular and widespread diversion in the U.S. The earliest cards using single images dated from 1877. Over time as popularity escalated, series of images were produced to promote the sale of cards to collectors and traders. Cartophily, or the hobby of collecting cards, was born. The early success of cigarette cards led many companies to adopt this new advertising method. Subjects ranged from U.S. Presidents to cowboys to baseball. With the use of color lithography and mechanized printing, mass production of the cards was possible. The digital images in this collection represent cigarette cards dating from 1888. One series, "Terrors of America," depicts young boys in various pursuits. Another series, "Shadows," depicts a variety of people with caricatures in their shadows. The cards were issued as advertisement for Duke Brothers and Company, Durham, N.C., and packed in Duke's cigarettes. 
Digital Copies note
Digital project exists. All digital copies available in DSpace http://wakespace.lib.wfu.edu/jspui/handle/10339/45. 

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