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English Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives Alliance of Baptists Records MS588 11.92 Linear Feet 25 document boxes, 1 oversized letter box, 2 shoeboxes, 1 oversized folder 1987-2018 The Alliance of Baptists, an organization of progressive Baptists, was founded in 1987. Known as the Southern Baptist Alliance until 1992, the group was dedicated to preserving Baptist freedoms, traditions, principles, mission, and ministry, especially those they felt were threatened by actions of the Southern Baptist Convention. In reaction to the fundamentalist movement in the SBC, the Alliance of Baptists promoted open inquiry, ecumenism, theological education, and social and economic justice. The collection includes correspondence, writings, and printed and financial materials. Some of the writings document both the activities of committees and officers of the Alliance and reactions of concerned parties to Alliance stances. Audiocassettes and videotapes document the Alliance's annual convocations and related conventions. Access Restrictions

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Historical Note

The Southern Baptist Alliance was organized in December, 1986, by a group of ordained and lay individuals frustrated with the fundamentalist leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Founding members of the Alliance originally intended for the organization to be a fellowship of moderate and liberal baptists within the SBC. Its goal was to support churches and individuals hurt or threatened by decisions of SBC leadership, while offering support to ideas and projects that would otherwise receive none.

Alliance members differed with SBC leadership at the time in espousing local church autonomy, the ordaining of both male and female ministers, and cooperation with other Christian organizations and denominations, while denouncing "landmarkism," inerrancy, and discrimination, especially bias based on sexual orientation. In contrast to most of the Southern Baptist Convention and much of the wider Baptist movement, the Alliance has emphasized women's ministry and encouraged women to seek ordination and senior pastorates.

In 1991, the Southern Baptist Alliance formally distanced itself from the SBC, and in 1992, changed its name to the Alliance of Baptists.

The Southern Baptist Alliance (SBA) publically announced its formation on February 12, 1987, and three months later William Henry Crouch was elected president, with Frank Gilreath also performing a variety of administrative duties. Alan Neely served as provisional executive director until Stan Hastey assumed the role permanently in 1989, joined by assitant Jeannette Holt. Later presidents of the Alliance include John Thomason (1988), Anne Thomas Neil (1988-1990), Richard Groves (1990-1992), Ann Quattlebaum (1992-1994), Nancy Hastings Sehested (1996-1998), C. Welton Gaddy (1998-2000), Paula Clayton Dempsey (2000-2002), Craig Henry (2003-2004), Cherie Smith (2004-2006), and Jim Hopkins (2006-2007).

Related Materials

Alan P. Neely Papers, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

Collection Overview

The Alliance of Baptists Records document some of the organization's activities from its inception in 1987 through its 2001 Convocation. The majority of the collection relates to the work of committees, documented through correspondence, meeting agendas, financial information, and proposal drafts. These committees addressed issues ranging from Alliance personnel, finances, Covenant, and missions appropriations to homosexuality, supporting ordained women, gender-inclusive hymn language, universal healthcare, new Sunday school curricula, and ecumenical affiliations. The records also contain writings and correspondence related to these issues sent to the Alliance, and are organized either by correspondent or subject.

Some of the writings document both the activities of committees and officers of the Alliance and reactions of concerned parties to Alliance stances. Printed and financial materials also record some administrative aspects of the organization, including personnel and membership recruitment.

The Alliance of Baptists Records also contains audiotapes recorded at Alliance Convocations of 1987, 1990, 1994-1996, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2008. Convocations generally included a State of the Alliance address, Annual Business Meeting, and presentations on relevant topics, in addition to worship services and devotionals. Also included are recordings made at a conference entitled Baptist Journey and at the Tenth Anniversary of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in 1999; the collection also contains 3 videotapes of conferences mentioned above.

Arrangement note

The records are arranged in twelve series: Series 1. Administrative Files; Series 2. Chapters; Series 3. Board and Executive Board Agendas and Minutes; Series 4. Committees; Series 5. Constitution; Series 6. Convocation; Series 7. Correspondence; Series 8. Meetings and Forums; Series 9. Printed Materials; Series 10. Subject Files; Series 11. Task Forces and Work Groups; and Series 12. Audiovisual Materials

The contents of each series are arranged alphabetically with the exceptions of Series 3. Board and Executive Board Agendas and Minutes and Series 6. Convocation, which are arranged chronologically. Series 12. Audiovisual Materials is also arranged chronologically by conference, and then follows the original numbering system used by the donor.

Separated Materials

Four 10th Anniversary bookmarks were removed from the collection and added to the University Archives Artifact Collection, RG14.

Related Materials

See also Alan Neely, The History of the Alliance of Baptists in The Struggle for the Soul of the SBC: Moderate Responses to the Fundalmentalism Movement, ed. Walter B. Shurden. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, 1993.

History of the Alliance by Alan Neelyundated11Administrative Files1997-2004Financial Statements/Audit1997-199912Financial Statements/Audit2001-200213Strategic Plan2004-2009; 2003-200614Strategic Planning2003-200415Chapters1897-2005Alabama Chapter- SBA1988-199416Florida Chapter- SBA1988-199117Georgia Chapter- SBA1989-200118Kentucky Chapter- SBA1987-199419Lousiana Chapter- SBA1989-1993110Mississippi Chapter- SBA1989-1991111Missouri Chapter- SBA1989-1992112North Carolina Chapter- SBA1987-2005113North Carolina Chapter- SBA, Programs 1991-200321North Carolina Chapter- SBA, Photographs22Northeast Chapter- SBA1988-200523Northeast Chapter- SBA, Programs and Newsletters1988-199224South Carolina Chapter- SBA1988-199625Southeastern Seminary- SBA1987-199426Texas Chapter- SBA1990-200227Virginia Chapter- SBA1992-200428Virginia Chapter- SBA, Programs and Photographs1989-199229Board and Executive Board Agendas and Minutes1986-2007First SBA Meeting, List of Members/Background1/11-12, 1988; 1986-1987210Alliance Meeting2/2-3, 1987211Board Meeting 1987 March 23212Board Meeting 1987 June 14213Board Meeting9/14-15, 1987214Board Meeting9/14-15, 198731Executive Committee Meeting11/19-20, 198732Board Meeting11/28-29, 198733Second SBA Board of Directors Meeting1/11-12, 198834Board Meeting 6/13, 198835Dialogue Meeting198836Board Meeting 11/28-29, 198837Board Meetings198838Executive Committee2/10-11, 198939Executive Committee2/28, 1989310Board Meeting 3/1, 1989311Board Meetings1989312Executive Committee7/28-29, 1989313Board Minutes1987-1989314Board Meeting 3/8-9,1990315Board Meeting 3/8-9, 1990316Board Meeting 9/27-29, 1990317Board Meeting 3/13-14, 1991318Executive Committee 7/19-20, 199141Directors Meeting 9/19-21, 199142Directors Meeting 3/4-5, 199243Directors Meeting 9/24-26, 199244Directors Meeting 2/24-25, 199345Board Meeting 9/30-10/2, 199346Board Meeting 3/2-3, 199447Board Meeting 9/22-24, 199448Board Minutes1990-199449Executive Committee Retreat1995410Board Meeting3/2-3, 1995411Board Meeting8/7-8, 1995412Board Meeting 3/13-14, 199651Board Meeting 9/19-21, 199652Board Meeting3/13-14, 199753Board Meeting 9/18-20, 199754Board Meeting 9/17-19, 199855Board Minutes1995-199856Board Meeting 3/10-12, 199957Board Meeting 9/16-18, 199958Board Minutes/Reports1999-200059Board Meeting9/20-22, 2000510Board Minutes1999-2000511Board Meeting 1/10-12, 2001512Board Meeting 4/19-22, 2001513Board Meeting 4/4-5, 2002514Board Meeting 4/23-24, 2003515Board Meeting 9/18-20, 200361Board Meeting4/15-16, 200462Board Meeting9/15-18, 200463Board Minutes200564Board Meetings2005-200665Board Meeting3/30-4/1, 200566Board Meeting 9/15-17, 200567Board Meeting 4/20-21, 200668Board Meeting 4/12-13, 200769Committees1987-2000Audits/Budgets1989-1994610Baptist Join Committee on Public Affairs1987611Church-Ministry Relation (Placement) Committee1989-1994612Committee Reports1988613Denominational Relations199171Executive Committee198772Executive Committee1987; 198973Executive Committee Meeting1989 February 2874Executive Committee199075Finance Committee Correspondence1987-199176Homosexuality Committee, Retreat199977Israel Tour1998-200078Membership1989-199279Missions Committee1994-1997710Nominating Committee1991; 1996711Personnel1990-1995712Public Affairs Committee1991-1995713Public Affairs Committee (Healthcare) 1990-1992714Public Affairs Committee, Interfaith Impact for Justice and Peace1991-1993715Publications and Curriculum Committee 1988-1989716Publications and Curriculum Committee1990717Publications and Curriculum Committee1991-1992718Rapid Response Network199281Steering Committee Meeting1/11-12, 198782Women in the Church Committee1987-198983Women in the Church Committee1990-199484Women in the Church Correspondence, On Issue1987; 199285Worship Committee1991-199486Writings (Cooperative Program), Richard Groves198887Writings, Stephen Boyd1991-199488Writings (Young Baptists), Dennis Atwood199489Visioning Committee Retreat1996-1997810Constitution Constitution/By-laws1987-1993811Consitution/By-laws1993-1998812Constitution and By-laws, Alliance at Gardener- Webbundated813Constitution, Undated814Principles, Constitution and By-laws1987815Convocation 1987-2008Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation 1987816Convocation 1987 May 15817Convocation Photographs198791Convocation 198892Convocation, Clippings1988; 1987-198893Convocation, Correspondence1988; 1986-198894Convocation, Small Group Discussion, Goals for Convocations198895Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation 198896Convocation198997Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation 198998Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation198999Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation1990910Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation 1990911Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation1991101Southern Baptist Alliance Convocation Evaluations 1991102Convocation 1992103Convocation, Correspondence and Addresses1992104Convocation, Correspondence and Workshops1992105Convocation, Correspondence, Clippings, Publicity, Speakers1993106Convocation Photographs1993107Convocation Planning1993108Convocation Program1993109Convocation1994111Convocation Photographs1994112Convocation Planning1994113Convocation Publicity 1994114Together... for Freedom's Sake, Jointly Sponsored Convocation: Alliance and Roger Williams Fellowship1994; 1993-1994115Convocation 1995116Convocation 1995117Convocation1995118Convocation Photographs1995119Convocation Photographs19951110Convocation Photographs1995121Convocation Evaluations1996122Convocation Photographs, Negatives1996123Convocation Program1996124Convocation Schedule1996125Convocation Speakers1996126Convocation 10th Anniversary 1997127Convocation Correspondence1997128Convocation Photographs1997129Convocation Photographs19971210Convocation Programs19971211Convocation Publicity 19971212Convocation Speakers19971213Convocation1998131Convocation 1998132Convocation Evaluations1998133Convocation1999134Convocation Photographs1999135Convocation Speeches1999136Convocation Workshops, Youth Convocation1999137Convocation Evaluations2000138Convocation Photographs2000139Convocation Programs20001310Convocation Talks2000141Photographs2000142Convocation2001143Convocation2001144Convocation Photographs2001145Convocation2002146Convocation Correspondence and Statements 2002147Convocation Evaluations2002148Convocation Photographs2002149Convocation Program1410Convocation Speeches20021411Convocation2003151Convocation Evaluations2003152Convocation Photographs2003153Convocation Photographs2003154Convocation Planning2003155Convocation Program2003156Convocation 2004157Convocation Photographs2004158Convocation Program2004159Convocation20051510Convocation 20051511Convocation Correspondence: First Baptist Church20051512Convocation Evaluations2005161Convocation Program2005162Convocation Speeches2005153Convocation2006164Convocation2007165Convocation Programs2007166Convocation2008167Correspondence1987-2006Correspondence (A)1992168ABC Task Force1990-1996169Acting Executive Director Alan Neely: Correspondence, Notes, Writings1987-19881610Alliance Founding 1987171American Baptist Churches1988-1992172Atlantic Baptist Fellowship1987-1997173Correspondence (B)1989-2002174Baptist Joint Committee1992-1993175Baptist Studies- Wesley Seminary1988-2004176Baptist World Alliance1989-1994177Baylor University1991178Board Meeting, Board Correspondence 1989179Board Meetings/Early Alliance Issues1987-19881710Correspondence (C)1989-20041711Candler School of Theology1991-19951712Connecticut- American Baptist Churches1995-19961713Contributions1989-19911714Correspondence1987-1990; 1996-1997; undated181Correspondence1989-1993182Crossroads2004183Correspondence (D)1989-1995; 2001184Denominational Relations Committees in Local Churches1989185Duke Divinity School1991-1994186Correspondence (E)1989-1994187Editorial Responses1988-1989188Executive Committee2001-2002189Executive Committee2003-20041810Correspondence (F)1991-19971811First Baptist Church in America19941812Correspondence (G)1990-20031813Groves, Richard19911814Correspondence (H)1989-19991815Hastey Column Responses1992-19931816Honesty/Texas1995191Correspondence (I)1989-1997192Interfaith Alliance1995-2000193Correspondence (J)1989-1997194Correspondence (K)1990-2002195Correspondence (L)1989-2003195Correspondence (M)1989-2003196Mann Foundation1997-2006197Members1987-1988198Mexico-Baptist Theological Seminary1997198199Mobilizing for Baptist Principles1994-19961910Correspondence (N)1989-19981911Newssheet1989-19901912Correspondence (O)1991-19961913Correspondence (P)1989-19991914Progressive National Baptist Convention1991-1995201Progressive National Baptist Dialogue1991-1992202Correspondence (Q)1992203Correspondence (R)1989-2004204Correspondence (S)1989-2003205Correspondence (T)1991-1997206Task Force on SBA and Chapters1989-1991207Theological Education 1987208Correspondence (U)1990; 1994209Correspondence (V)1989-20062010Wake Forest University Divinity School1989-19912011Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (Association)1996, 20042012William Henry Crouch1987-19882013Correspondence (W, X, Y, Z)1989-20032014Meetings and Forums 1986-2003Alan Neely Memorial 2003211Called to Responsible Freedom, Conference in Baptist Distinctives1996212Division, Diversity, Dialogue: A Baptist Journey- Colloquium1995213Interview with W. Henry Crouch circa 1987214Meeting of Concerned Southern Baptists 1986 September 23215Middle East Forum2002216Open Forum on Homosexuality and the Church1992217SBA Fellowship Meeting 1988 November 15218Printed Materials and Clippings 1987-2001Clippings1987219Printed Materials circa 1988-20012110PostersFrontiers of Hope, 1996 Mission Offering2 copies1On Thy People Pour Thy Power, 1994-1995 Global Mission Offering2 copies1Subject Files1987-2004Alliance Statements on Jewish Relations- Correspondence, Thesis 1995-1996; 19932111Dialogue with United Church of Christ 1998-20042112Jewish-Christian Relations (SBC Resolutions to Convert Jews)19962113Peace and Justice Committee2005, undated2114Political Prisoners- Puerto Rico19962115Proposed Models for Cooperative Giving (Second Draft Brochure)1989 January 25221Public Relations1987222Reflections on the Alliance1987223United Church of Christ Discussions1997224United Church of Christ Synod1997225Task Forces/Work GroupsBaptists Relations Task Force1988-1995226Bibliography and Resources: Gender, Ecology, and Spirituality 1991-2001227B.J. Herring Resource Project2005-2006228"Care for the Earth" Work Group on Ecology1999229Ecumenical Relations199822132210Gender Equality Task Force200022142211Human Sexuality Task Force1993-19952212Interfaith Committee1998, undated2213Interns/Education1996-19992214Israel Seminar20002215Literature Task Force19872216Progressive National Baptist Convention: Special Project in Racism19962217Seminary Task Force19892218Statement on the Death Penalty2000231Statement on Jewish-Christian Relations1995; 2000-2002232Statement on Muslim-Christian Relations/Peace Primerundated, 2002233Strategic Plan2004-2006, 2003234Task Force in Cuba1995-1996235Task Force on Human Sexuality1992-1996236Task Force on Human Sexuality1992-2003237Task Force Report on Human Sexuality 2001238Task Force- Placement1987-1988239Task Group on Ecology/Faith1999-20002310Audiovisual Materials1987 Convocation (Meredith College, Raleigh, NC, May 14-15)Call to Repententance and Evangelization, Anne Neil24A Drama on our Baptist Heritage, C. Michael Hawn, dir.24Freedom of the Individual, Cecil Sherman24Freedom of the Local Church, Richard Groves24Overview of the SBA Covenant24Principle of a Free Church in a Free State, Norman Cavender24Servant Role of Leadership, Bill Turner24Theological Education, Walter Shurden24Worship, Susan Lockwood Wright and Paul Duke24Worship and Communion, Bill Leonard and Nancy Hastings Sehested241990 Convocation (Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO, March 9-11)Friday evening service (address by John Sundquist, Chair of ABC Task Force)3/9/9024Friday evening service (sermon by John Hewett, Pastor of FBC Asheville, NC)3/9/9024Annual Business Meeting3/10/90(2 tapes)24Saturday evening sessions3/10/90(2 tapes)241994 Convocation (First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC, March 3-5)Covenant Address, Ralph Elliot1994 March 424Presidential Report, Ann Quattlebaum1994 March 424State of the Alliance address, Stan Hastey1994 March 424Sermon, Linda Weaver-Williams1994 March 324Sermon, Cindy Weber1994 March 5241995 Convocation (Vienna Baptist Church, Vienna, VA, March 3-5)Annual Business Meeting24Addresses, Stan Hastey and John Roberts24Worship service - festival of hymnody24Worship service - Paul Duke and the VBC choir24Worship service - Northminster Baptist Church24Baptist Journey: Division, Diversity, and Dialogue (Providence, RI, Oct. 27-29, 1995)Tape 1: J. Stanley Lemons/Thomas R. McKibbens10/27/9524Tape 2: Edwin S. Gaustad10/28/9524Tape 3: William H. Brackney10/28/9524Tape 4: Kate Penfield10/28/9524Tape 5: Bill J. Leonard10/28/9524Tape 6: Jeannette Holt and Stan Hastey10/29/9524Tape 7: Worship service, Wallace Charles and Elaine Smith10/29/95241996 Convocation (Meyers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC, March 14-16)Thursday evening worship service1996 March 14(2 tapes)24Forums: Glenn Hinson, Thompson, Mary Causby, Jim Wallace3/15/95(2 tapes)24Annual Business Meeting3/15/95(2 tapes)24Friday evening worship service3/15/95(2 tapes)24Saturday morning worship service241998 Convocation (Calvary Baptist Church, Washington DC, March 13-14)Tape 1: Thursday evening worship service, sermon by Yvonne Delk25Tape 2: Thursday evening worship service25Tapes 3-4: Friday evening - Covenant Address, Ken Sehested25Tape 5: Friday evening service, Nancy Ammerman25Tape 6: Friday evening service/State of the Alliance address, Stan Hastey/ Welton Gaddy address25Tape 7: State of the Alliance address, Stan Hastey25Tape 8: Annual Business Meeting25Tape 9: Annual Meeting with President's Address25Tape 10: Closing service, James and Liz Lamkin25Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Tenth Anniversary Celebration (March 13-14, 1999)Thomas Graves, Stan Hastey, and Mary M. Strauss25Take Back the Bible, Phyllis Tribble(also available on VHS)25Take Back the Bible, Phyllis Tribble (Video Tape)3/14/99VHS Tape252001 Convocation (April 20-22)Tape 1: Session 125Tape 2: Session 2 - State of the Alliance address25Tapes 3-4: Session 325Tape 5: Evening worship service25Tape 6: Bible study25Tape 7: Morning worship service and communion252003 Convocation (April 24-26, 2003)Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation, Keynote Address by Jay McDaniel 2 audio_reel(s)2 CD's Thursday, April 24, 200326Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - The Wisdom of Old Turtle: A Musical with Choir and OrchestraFriday, April 25, 2003CD26Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - State of the Alliance Address, Stan Hastey Friday, April 25, 2003CD26Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - Annual Meeting Plenary Session - Greetings Friday, April 25, 2003CD26Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - Plenary Session, Annual Meeting Friday, April 25, 2003CD26Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - Plenary Session - Business, Annual Meeting Friday, April 25, 200326Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation- Covenant Address- Elizabeth Barnes (Pt. I) Saturday, April 26, 2003CD26Alliance of Baptists: Annual Convocation - Dr. Elizabeth Barnes (Pt II) -WorshipSaturday, April 26, 2003CD262005 Convocation State of Alilance Address: Stan Hastey2005CD26Adult Study Hour: Jeff Rogers200526Worship: C.H. Chiromo2005CD26Worship: April Baker200526Annual Meeting 1: Cherie Smith and Chris Copeland2005CD26Annual Meeting 2: Cherie Smith and Chris Copeland2005262007 Convocation 4/13-4/15, 2007Friday Evening4/13/07, 7 PM26Saturday AM2 audio_reel(s)4/14/07, 9 AM26"Stoney the Road We Trod," Haggray et al4/14/07 2:30-4 PM26Saturday Evening2 audio_reel(s)4/14/0726Sunday AM Worship 4/15/07262008 Convocation 3/28-29, 2008Friday 3/28/0826Saturday AM 3/29/0826Saturday PM3/29/08263/28/08CD26AM #13/29/08CD26AM #2CD26PMCD26VideotapesBeing Baptist Means Freedom (Alliance promotional video)25AudioAlliance of Baptist Annual Meeting 2 audio_reel(s)2 tapes 2/26/9328Lifting Our Lights Together: Alliance of Baptists 18th Annual Convocation, Charles Kimball1 audio_reel(s)2004 April 1728Alliance of Baptist: Worship, Charles G. Adams 2 audio_reel(s)2 tapes 27 February 9328Lifting Our Light Together: Alliance of Baptists 18th Annual Convocation, Karen Thomas SmithApril 18, 2004 28Jeremiah Wright 2004 April 1628Lifting Our Lights Together: Alliance of Baptist 18th Annual Convocation, Jeremiah Wright 2004 April 1628Lifting Our Lights Together: Alliance of Baptists 18th Annual Convocation, Stan Hastey April 17, 2004 28The Alliance of Baptists 9th Annual Convocation: "For the Living of These Days" Vienna Baptist Church, Worship-Festival of Hymnody Friday, March 3, 1995 28TAOB 9th Annual Convocation: "For the Living of These Days" Vienna Baptist Church, Annual Business MeetingSaturday, March 4, 199528TAOB 9th Annual Convocation, Stan Hastey and John Roberts Saturday, March 4, 199528Lifting Our Lights Together: Alliance of Baptists 18th Annual Convocation, James FowlerApril 18, 2004 28Alliance of Baptist Convocation: Annual Meeting March 13, 1998 28Alliance of Baptist Convocation: Evening Worship Service 1998 March 1328Alliance of Baptist Convcation: 10:45 am1998 March 1328Alliance of Baptist Convocation: Sermon-Postlude 28Alliance of Baptist Convocation: Evening Worship Service 1998 March 1328Alliance of Baptist Convocation: Evening Worship Service 1998 March 1328Is The Right to Vote Secure? 20928Stan Hastey 2004 April 1728Alliance Saturday Night 4/22/200628Alliance of Baptist2006 April 2328A Vision of Redemptive Intimacy, Willie Jennings 28White Priviledge and the Work of Racial Reconciliation 28Charles Kimball2004 April 1728Karen Thomas Smith2004 April 828Plenary Business C 28Plenary Business A 2004 April 1728James Fowler 2004 April 1828Alliance of Baptists, Stan Hastey's State of the Alliance Address April 17, 2004 28Worship: 8th Annual Convocation - Alliance of Baptists - Greenville, SC,Lynda Weaver - Williams, PreacherThursday, March 3, 1994 - 6:45 p.m28Business Meeting2 audio_reel(s)2006 April 2227AWAB Workshop II1 audio_reel(s)4/22/0627A Vision of Redemptive Intimacy - Sanctuary1 audio_reel(s)27Cross-Cultural Issues in Worship - Sanctuary1 audio_reel(s)27AWAB - It's not just for Gay People Any More - Sanc.1 audio_reel(s)27Resisting Attempts to Divide - 1111 audio_reel(s)27State of Alliance1 audio_reel(s)4/22/0627A Local Church Ministry to College Students - 1101 audio_reel(s)27White Priviledge and the Work of Racial Reconciliation - 2111 audio_reel(s)27Discerning God's Will for your Church - Chapel1 audio_reel(s)27Beneficio Coffee: A Socially and Economically Just Business - 1091 audio_reel(s)27Plant dates, not just pumpkins - Heritage Room1 audio_reel(s)27Turning Poverty-Wage Jobs into Living-Wage Jobs - 1101 audio_reel(s)27Reparations, Justice, and Spiritual Formation - 2091 audio_reel(s)27Reconciling Racial and Tribal Differences: 4 Case Studies - 2031 audio_reel(s)27Friday Night, 7 pm1 audio_reel(s)2006 April 2127Teaching the Bible to Children and Youth - Heritage Room1 audio_reel(s)27Caring For Caregivers - 2031 audio_reel(s)27Harvesting Justice - 1091 audio_reel(s)27Southern Baptist Convention, Thursday Evening/Night4 audio_reel(s)1991 March 1427Southern Baptist Convention, Friday Morning1 audio_reel(s)1991 March 1527Southern Baptist Convention, Friday Afternoon3 audio_reel(s)1991 March 1527Southern Baptist Convention, Friday Night2 audio_reel(s)1991 March 1527Joel Gregory, SBC, San Antonio198827Unidentified Audio8 audio CDs26Scope and Contents

8 cds:4 recordings with a duplicate of each.