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  • Hatfield, Lyman; Hatfield, Kathy; Kelly, Alex; Hatfield, Lyman (2011-02-24)
    :40 Lyman talks about his father and how he got from Canada to the United States. He remembers spending time with his father at Rutgers University - where he was a professor - before his father died when Lyman was 6. 8:10 ...
  • Hipp, Travis; Hipp, Stuart; Kelly, Alex; Hipp, Travis (2011-02-24)
    :30 Early memories that Travis and Stuart share: When Stuart stole Travis's stuffed rabbit. They also talk about competition as a theme throughout their childhood and teenage years. 10:40 They remember moments at their ...
  • Johnson, Starr; Jamis, Mary; Esrick, Sara; Johnson, Starr (2011-02-24)
    2:50 Starr tells about living on food stamps and her sister and her painting their entire bodies in watercolors and strapping 2 blocks of ?government cheese? (Velveeta) and skating through the house. 8:30 Starr tells the ...
  • Mucher, Mimi; Glass, Valerie; Esrick, Sara; Mucher, Mimi (2011-02-24)
    1 Describes self as a child- only girl with 5 older brothers. 3 ?Rammed by the ram? story. 7 Describes the piano player who gave her the most comfort as a child. 11 Favorite memory of Valerie. 19 Feels that she is a ...
  • Whalen, Jim; Purcell, William; Scott, Carl; Whalen, Jim (2011-02-24)
    2:03 - Story of his swimming across the Mississippi river as a teenager. It was a rights of passage for high school students at his school. 16:40 - Thoughts about the concept of labels and their effect on the people on ...

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