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Wake Forest Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, N.C.) Records

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Wake Forest Baptist Church was constituted in 1956 after WFC's move from Wake Forest to Winston-Salem, N.C. WFBC has been progressive both in the redress of racism and homophobia in the community. Throughout WFBC's history, especially under Richard Groves' pastorship, membership and leadership positions had been open to members regardless of race and orientation. In 1994, they were instrumental in community outreach after racially-charged church burnings and in 1999, they fought public backlash for hosting a same-sex civil union.

This dissent lead to conflict surrounding WFBC's sovereignty, as WFU's Board of Trustees disagreed with the service, which would lead to WFBC's full autonomy. In August 2022, the church voted to dissolve the ministry as a result of a declining and aging membership, limited financial resources and a new rental policy by the university.

This collection currently includes selected sermons, the church's constitution and correspondence regarding same sex unions.