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Librarian Supported Health Literacy Instruction in Employee Wellness Programs

Foy, Colleen

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Librarian Supported Health Literacy Instruction in Employee Wellness Programs
Foy, Colleen
The CDC’s June 2021 National Health Statistics Report stated the US prepandemic prevalence of obesity in adults was 41.9%. Considering obesity-related physical, social, mental, and behavioral health conditions, this epidemic requires multidisciplinary attention. Furthermore, the Global Wellness Institute reported the US composing 28% of the global wellness market in 2020 translating into $1.2 trillion spent on various health and wellness aids ranging from preventative health to traditional medicine. Are consumers informed - or adequately health literate - before spending trillions on health and wellness aids? Health literacy (HL) includes the ability to find, understand, and use information to inform health-related decisions. Existing literature addresses the relationship between healthy outcomes and HL; however, research performed by librarians as literacy experts in the health and wellness arena is lacking. In fall 2022, the Science Librarian at Wake Forest University (WFU) will assess participant pre-post health information literacy (HIL) levels in WFU employee programs. Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle ProgramS (HELPS) offers a six-month weight management and three-month wellness program designed to support individuals to achieve various healthy lifestyle modifications. In partnership with HELPS program experts, I will include librarian-facilitated HIL instruction to support literacy development and understanding among participants. Research will include the measurement of HIL level identifiers and will serve as an excellent example for libraries to promote outreach services among faculty and staff. This lightning talk presentation included research and instructional design components, current progress in the study, and proposed next steps for future research.
This presentation was shared at the ACRL-NC / NCLine mini-conference "Virtually Together" on September, 22, 2022
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