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African American Families Photograph Scrapbook Collection

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This collection contains a photograph scrapbook and items from the scrapbook ranging from1920 to circa 2000. The family or families documented in the scrapbook are unknown at this time. Some individuals in the photographs are identified with handwriting on the image or on its reverse. Two printed items are included: an image of Winston-Salem State University founder and first president S. G. Atkins and an image of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Boy Scout troop 1942-1943. A small number of photo postcards from the Hampton Institute are also in the scrapbook. People identified by name or partial name include: Bundy, Campbell, Jake Ballard, Anna Bell (or Annabell), Winston-Salem State University founder and inaugural president S. G. Atkins (Simon Green Atkins), Precious Foster, Cheek, Smith, Gertrude Dixon, and Sassner.