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Finding Grace in the Concert Hall: Community and Meaning Among Springsteen Fans

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Bruce Springsteen’s music and performances have provided an emotional outlet for thousands of fans all over the world. Using the statements of these fans, as well as the life and music of Springsteen, this paper documents the reasons why, as well as the ways in which fans are inspired to create a community. This community reflects both their emotional and spiritual attachment as well as their attempts to live according to the moral precepts they find through this music. Springsteen himself has laid the groundwork for this community through his words, music, and deeds. To many, these feelings and values are as valid and alive as any other spiritual tradition, and are a legitimate spiritual outlet. The thoughts and actions of these fans, and the motivating forces behind them, allow a glimpse into how nontraditional spiritual values can be formed and acted on outside the gates of what is normally seen as conventional church-going behavior. By acknowledging the legitimacy of personal spiritual connection outside a sectarian landscape, it is hoped that appreciation and tolerance for different belief systems and system formations can be cultivated and nourished.
popular culture
rock and roll
Randall, Linda (author)
Dr. Jeanne Simonelli (committee chair)
Dr. Lynn Neal (committee member)
Dr. LeRhonda Manigault (committee member)
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2010-06-18T18:57:23Z (available)
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Religion (discipline)
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Finding Grace in the Concert Hall: Community and Meaning Among Springsteen Fans

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