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Made in the Image of Man: The Value of Christian Theology for Public Moral Discourse on Human Cloning

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Made in the Image of Man: The Value of Christian Theology for Public Moral Discourse on Human Cloning
Pelser, Adam Christopher
Human cloning has over the past few decades moved from the realm of clever science fiction into the realm of controversial biotechnological reality. As a result, public discourse about the morality of human cloning has intensified. Contrary to the claims of some secular bioethicists, political philosophers and others who would exclude religious reasons from the democratic public square, I contend that we should welcome religious considerations as prima facie appropriate contributions to public moral discourse. Moreover, recent contributions of Christian church bodies and theological ethicists to moral discourse on human cloning reveal that the rich moral resources of Christian theology are particularly valuable for public bioethical discourse, evidencing the ability to expand the moral imaginations of a pluralistic public and corresponding with widely shared experiences, values and moral reasons.
church and state
human cloning
public moral debate
public theology
religion and democracy
religion and law
religion and politics
religion in the public square
religious ethics
Adam_Pelser@baylor.edu (authorEmail)
Fred Horton, Ph.D. (committee chair)
Simeon Ilesanmi, Ph.D., J.D. (committee member)
Win-Chiat Lee, Ph.D. (committee member)
Pelser, Adam Christopher
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2010-06-18T18:57:43Z (accessioned)
2008-03-17 (available)
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2007 (issued)
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Religion (discipline)
Wake Forest University (grantor)
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