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The Development and Validation of a Measure to Assess Desire for Physical Competence

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The Development and Validation of a Measure to Assess Desire for Physical Competence
White, Laura Jean
The purpose of the present study was to develop and validate a measure to assess desire for physical competence. From an initial pool of 46 items, 25 were selected through exploratory principle component analysis and by evaluating each item for clarity, simplicity, and content validity. One hundred and fifty-seven adults over the age of 60 (men = 53; women = 104) completed the desire for physical competence (DPC) scale as well as six other questionnaires. Results revealed that the 25 items could be reduced to two 8-item subscales: basic (DPC-B) and advanced (DPC-A). The two factors explained 70.67% of the total variance in these items. The Chronbach Alpha Internal Consistency Reliabilities of these two scales was excellent, 0.94 and 0.92, respectively. In examining the two subscales, the mean (± SD) for the DPC-B was 3.26 (± 0.85), for the DPC-A was 2.13 (± 1.05). Scores for both subscales had a possible range of 0-4. The difference between the DPC-B and DPC-A was statistically significant, t<sub>(156)
Desire for Physical Competence
Laura.White@alumni.wfu.edu (authorEmail)
Dr. Peter H. Brubaker (committee chair)
Dr. W. Jack Rejeski (committee member)
Dr. Shannon L. Mihalko (committee member)
White, Laura Jean
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2003-04-17 (issued)
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