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The Essence of Wine: The Meaning of תירוש in the Hebrew Bible

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The Essence of Wine: The Meaning of תירוש in the Hebrew Bible
Tolliver, David Mark
This thesis explores the meaning of the word תירוש in the Hebrew Bible, particularly in the context of agricultural jargon. Based on an examination of the etymology and history of translation of the term, as well as on a study of both ancient and modern winemaking technology, this work proposes that תירוש denotes a young, immature wine that has not undergone secondary or malo-lactic fermentation. This understanding sheds light on the term, which is shown to have connotations of fertility and divine blessing, freshness and sacramentality and hope. This thesis contends that interpreting תירוש in this way supplements the meaning of the Biblical passages in which it occurs.
Ken Hoglund (committee chair)
Neal Walls (committee member)
Fred Horton (committee member)
Tolliver, David Mark
2008-09-28T10:51:49Z (accessioned)
2010-06-18T18:58:59Z (accessioned)
2008-08-02 (available)
2008-09-28T10:51:49Z (available)
2010-06-18T18:58:59Z (available)
2007-05-03 (issued)
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Religion (discipline)
Wake Forest University (grantor)
MA (level)
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