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A Dialogical Roadmap to Peace: Israeli and Palestinian Feminists Building Bridges to Peace in the Shadow of the Wall

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A Dialogical Roadmap to Peace: Israeli and Palestinian Feminists Building Bridges to Peace in the Shadow of the Wall
Devaney, Jessica Leigh
The feminist peace movements in Israel and Palestine are characterized by innovation and determination. This thesis examines the cooperative peacebuilding initiatives of two feminist organizations—the Palestinian Jerusalem Center for Women and the Israeli Bat Shalom, which operate under the governing body of the Jerusalem Link. This multidisciplinary study begins with an exploration of the theoretical components of peacebuilding, and is followed by a brief analysis of the evolution of feminist thought and practice in the contexts of both Palestine and Israel. Such a theoretical and contextual grounding paves the way for an analysis of the work of the aforementioned feminist organizations struggling toward a just peace. Based on my examination of this dialogical method of peacebuilding and the tools therein, I assert the utility of Jerusalem Link’s efforts, which I designate as the resolution-as-reconciliation model.
conflict resolution
global feminism
women's studies
devajl4@wfu.edu (authorEmail)
Kenneth Hoglund (committee chair)
Jeanne Simonelli (committee member)
Michaelle Browers (committee member)
Devaney, Jessica Leigh
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2007-08-11 (available)
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2006-04-28 (issued)
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