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Examination of auxin transport and root development in the scd1-1 mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana

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The hormone indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) is transported unidirectionally in plant cells via asymmetrically localized carrier proteins. This polarity is believed to be established and maintained by vesicular delivery and endosomal cycling of these proteins. The SCD1 (stomatal cytokinesis defective) protein has a domain structure that suggests it may function in Rab dependent protein trafficking. We examined IAA transport, IAA efflux protein localization, and dependent physiological processes in the temperature sensitive scd1-1 mutant and asked if this protein functions in targeting auxin transport proteins to the appropriate membranes. Roots of scd1-1 exhibit wild-type root development at the permissive temperature, but at the nonpermissive temper are shorter than wild-type and form almost no lateral roots, but root development is reversible by IAA treatment. Acropetal IAA transport is also substantially lower in scd1-1 than wild-type at the nonpermissive temperature. Experiments in which seedlings are shifted from permissive to nonpermissive temperature have also helped to define the windows in which lateral root initiation is regulated by SCD1 activity. When scd1-1 is grown at the nonpermissive temperature,PIN2
lateral root development
PIN proteins
membrane targeting
Mattox, Catharine (Cassie) (author)
Browne, Carole L. (committee chair)
Muday, Gloria K. (committee member)
Tague, Brian W. (committee member)
2009-05-08T18:38:42Z (accessioned)
2010-06-18T18:59:34Z (accessioned)
2009-05-08T18:38:42Z (available)
2010-06-18T18:59:34Z (available)
2009-05-08T18:38:42Z (issued)
Biology (discipline)
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Wake Forest University
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Examination of auxin transport and root development in the scd1-1 mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana

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