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Serials: Review of the Literature 2000-2003

Corbett, Lauren

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Serials: Review of the Literature 2000-2003
Corbett, Lauren E.
The topic of electronic journals (e-journals) dominated the serials literature from 2000 to 2003. This review is limited to the events and issues within the broad topics of cost, management, and archiving. Coverage of cost includes such initiatives as PEAY, JACC, BioMed Central, SPARC, open access, the “Big Deal,” and “going e-only.” Librarians combated the continued price increase trend for journals, fueled in part by publisher mergers, with the economies found with bundled packages and consortial subscriptions. Serials management topics include usage statistics; core title lists; staffing needs; the “A-Z list” and other services from such companies as Serials Solutions; “deep linking”; link resolvers such as SFX; development of standards or guidelines, such as COUNTER and ERMI; tracking of license terms; vendor mergers; and the demise of integrated library systems and a subscription agent's bankruptcy. Librarians archived print volumes in storage facilities due to space shortages. Librarians and publishers struggled with electronic archiving concepts, discussing questions of who, where, and how. Projects such as LOCKSS tested potential solutions, but missing online content due to the Tasini court case and retractions posed more archiving difficulties. The serials literature captured much of the upheaval resulting from the rapid pace of changes, many linked to the advent of e-journals. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.
trends in library subscriptions
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“Serials: Review of the Literature 2000-2003.” Library Resources & Technical Services 50, no.1 (2006):16-30. (citation)
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