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Paul Monroe Johnson Papers

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Paul Monroe Johnson was a North Carolina church historian. This collection contains biographical information on Baptist pastors and historical information on the Baptist churches in the South Yadkin Baptist Association. There are also Tatum family letters, 1885-1907, and materials regarding John Arch Abernathy.

Biographical and Historical Note

Paul Monroe Johnson was a North Carolina church historian.

Collection Overview

This collection contains biographical information on Baptist pastors and historical information on the Baptist churches in the South Yadkin Baptist Association. There are also Tatum family letters, 1885-1907, and papers of John Arch Abernathy.

Collection Inventory

  • Church History Files
    • Berea Typescript history sketch by Mrs. W. E. Holcomb, (1880, undated) Folder 2
    • Bethel ((1860).) Folder 3
      • Historical Facts of the Bethel Baptist Church of the South Yadkin Baptist Association. 2p. typescript. (undated)
      • Orren, Garland, "History of Bethel Baptist Church". 4pp. Mimeographed. (ca. 1955.)
      • Historical Committee. "Bethel Baptist Church Historical Story of the First 100 Years, [The church, ]. Unp. [20pp.]. Illus., ports. (circa 1960)
    • Bristol Drive ((1955).) Folder 4
      • Millsaps, Mrs. Vaughan, "Brief History of Bristol Drive Baptist Church". Mss. 2pp.
    • Community Folder 5
      • Anderson, Mrs. Boyd. [History sketch]. 2pp. Mss. (1953)
    • Diamond Hill (1926) Folder 6
      • Historical information on Diamond Hill Baptist Church. 2p. Typescript. (1926)
    • Eastside Folder 7
      • Cothen, Ed., "History of East Side Baptist Church". 2p. Typescript. (1955)
    • Eatons ((1772).) Folder 8
      • Summers, Brenda. "Two Hundred Years Old...Eatons Baptist Church". Davie County Enterprise Record, (17 August 1972.)
      • "John Angel, 1824-1828". 5p. Typescript.
    • Edgewood ((1939).) Folder 9
      • Spry, Mrs. Emma R., "History of North Cooleemee/Edgewood Baptist Church". 5p. Mss. (undated)
    • Fairview ((1952).) Folder 10
      • Johnson, Ramona L., "Fairview Baptist Church History". 2p. typescript.
    • Faith ((1962).) Folder 11
      • Photograph. Positive print. (undated)
    • Farmington ((1878).) Folder 12
      • "Farmington Baptist Church". [Sketches of their pastors, 3p. Typescript. (1885-1946]. undated)
      • Lakey, Mrs. B. G., "History of Farmington Baptist Church, 1950-Jan. 1973". 1p. Typescript.
    • Front Street ((1911).) Folder 13
      • "Front Street Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina". 2p. Typescript. Carbon copy. (ca. 1945.)
      • Golden Anniversary Committee, "Fifty Golden Years...". [The Church], unp. [8p.]. Illus., ports. (1961.)
      • Fincannon, Mrs. Lee, "Brief History of Front Street Baptist Church". (Ca. 1973.)
    • Hebron ((1897).) Folder 14
      • "A Brief History of the Hebron Baptist Church". (ca. 1973.)
    • Harmony ((1902).) Folder 15
      • Massey, Mrs. E. A., Letter about the church, Mss. (1952.)
    • Ijames Cross Roads ((1896).) Folder 16
      • Ijames, Mrs. E. D., "History of Ijames Cross Roads Baptist Church". 3p. Typescript. (June, 1959.)
      • "History of Ijames Cross Roads Baptist Church and Membership Roll". Mimeographed. (undated)
    • Jerusalem ((1868).) Folder 17
      • Beck, Mrs. Ruth, "History of Jerusalem Baptist Church". 1p. Typescript.
    • Mooresville First ((1882).) Folder 18
      • Wells, Mrs. C. G., "Historical Sketch of First Baptist Church, Mooresville, North Carolina". 1p. Typescript. (undated)
      • Church History Committee, "History and [Pictorial] Directory of First Baptist Church [Mooresville], Lexington, North Carolina: Ingram's Pictorial Church Directory, 35+16p. Illus., Ports. (circa 1972)
    • New Bethany ((1859).) Folder 19
      • Reporter, "Colorful Record Marks History of New Bethany Baptist Church". Statesville (North Carolina) Daily Record, (1954 March 26)
    • New Hope ((1802).) Folder 20
      • Keever, Homer M., "Two Churches Organized Just After Revolution Mark 150th Birthdays". [New Hope and Snow Creek Methodist]. Greensboro (North Carolina) Daily News, (1952.)
      • N.A., "New Hope Baptist Church, 1802-1902". 3p. Typescript. (undated)
      • Reece, W. Frank, History of New Hope Baptist Church 4p. Typescript. (1802-1930.)
    • Society ((1821).) Folder 21
      • Severt, Mrs. Dean and J. C. Willson, "The History of Society Baptist Church". Rewritten and retyped by Miss Frances Evans, 3p. Typescript. (30 Aug. 1954.)
    • St. Mark ((1956).) Folder 22
      • Privette, Mrs. Masie, "History sketch of St. Mark Baptist Church". 1p. Mss. (ca.1973.)
    • Shady Grove ((1868).) Folder 23
      • Miller, Mrs. Doyte, "Shady Grove Baptist Church". 2p. Mss. (ca.1973.)
    • South River ((1879).) Folder 24
      • Weston, Mrs. C. L., "History of South River Baptist Church". 4p. Typescript. (1921.)
      • Weston, Mrs. C. L., "Written for Fiftieth Anniversary, 4p. Typescript. (October 29, 1929".)
      • Weston, Mrs. C. L., "Written for Homecoming Day, 3p. Typescript. (July 29, 1945".)
      • Photograph of the church, Positive print. (1951.)
      • "W. F. Privette Passes". 1p. Mimeographed. (1971.)
    • Southside ((1913).) Folder 25
      • Historical Committee, "Fiftieth Anniversary, 1913-1963. Southside Baptist Church, Mooresville, North Carolina Anniversary and Homecoming Services, Oct. 6, 1963". [The Church, ]. unp. [20p.]. Illus., ports. (1963)
      • Henderson, Mrs. Vear, Letter with information on updating the church history. (ca.1972.)
    • Statesville First ((1875).) Folder 26
      • "The Inaugural Services of the New Building, Statesville, North Carolina, [The Church]. 4p. (Oct. 3, 1954.)
    • Troutman ((1923).) Folder 27
      • Byers, W. M., "History of the Troutman Baptist Church". 2p. Typescript.
      • "Minutes of the Troutman Baptist Church Organization". 1p. Typescript.
      • Davis, Mrs. L., Update on church history, (1973.)
    • Western Avenue ((1901).) Folder 28
      • Fifty Golden Years, [The Church, ]. unp. [14p.]. (1901-1951. 1951)
  • Personal Materials
    • Abernathy, John Arch, clippings, photographs, notes (1925-1973)
    • Fork Cemetery inscriptions
    • Massey, Mrs. E. Letter, mentioning some of the pastors and laymen in the South Yadkin Baptist Association (April 1957,) Folder 1
    • Tatum Family Letters, Manuscript. (1885-1907.) Folder 29
    • Merrell, Wilson F. Davie County Map, (1928.)

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Johnson, Paul Monroe
Paul Monroe Johnson Papers
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This publication was removed from MS285 and is available in our rare books collection: Steele, Thomas H. The truth about prohibition : a speech. 1930. Call number: HV5089 .S74

"The Story of a Hundred Dollars" was transferred to Billy Graham Archives. [It was non-Baptist, regarding a Tennessee Evangelism School.

The following publications were added to the Baptist collections or discarded because they were duplicates:

  • Baptist State Convention annuals (1882, 1883, 1879, 1914)
  • Liberty Lights
  • Kings Mtn. Baptist Association history
  • Lessons for Every Sunday in the Year [pages missing]
  • Zions Landmark
  • Intermediate Quarterly (1909, 1925, 1926)
  • Senior Quarterly (1924-1926)
  • BYPU Quarterly (1927)
  • Foreign Mission Journal (1912)
  • Comprehensive Quarterly (1896)
  • Christian Herald (1922)
  • Home and Foreign Field (1918)

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