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Samuel Spach Dalton and Family Papers

Finding Aid & Inventory

Samuel Spach Dalton was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, to Lillian Spach and Dr. William N. Dalton. This collection documents the Dalton family line and history, primarily biographical files, genealogical records and notes, newspaper clippings, photographs, and related subject files. Much of the materials are secondary resources found through research.

Biographical and Historical Note

Samuel S. Dalton was born on January 20, 1919, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was the second of the four children of Lillian Spach and Dr. William N. Dalton. Dalton received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina in 1942. He then joined the U.S. Air Forces, where he served as an airplane engine repairman during World War II and received an honorable discharge in 1945. Dalton died in Winston-Salem on March 24, 2017.

Collection Overview

This collection contains materials related to the family of Samuel Spach Dalton and his parents W.N. and Lillian Spach Dalton, including biographical files, genealogical records and notes, newspaper clippings, photographs, and related subject files. Much of the materials are secondary resources found through research.

The collection is arranged into 5 series: Series 1. Biographical Files; Series 2. Genealogical Records; Series 3. Newspaper Clippings; Series 4. Photographs; and Series 5. Subject Files.

Series 1. Biographical Files is further divided into three sub-series: Sub-Series A. Dalton, Lillian Spach; Sub-Series B. Dalton, Samuel; and Sub-Series C. Dalton, W.N.

Collection Inventory

  •  Series 1 Biographical Files
    • Dalton, Lillian Spach
      • Miscellaneous Box 1 (This folder contains miscellaneous materials found in the book, "Dining Room and Kitchen". Contents include handwritten recipes; Carnation Company recipe book, 1932; reprint of Victory Message Honoring Robert Crawford McQuilkin, First President of Columbia Bible College, 1952; and correspondence from Hunter B. Blakely and D.D. Carroll.)
      • Obituary Box 1 (This folder contains three copies of the obituary for Lillian Spach Dalton, no date or name of publication.)
      • Young Women's Sunday School Class Talks Box 1 (This folder contains handwritten manuscripts and two copies of talks by Lillian Spach Dalton to the Young Women's Sunday School Calss, Southside Baptist Church. The talks are titled Psalm 33 - A Patriotic Theme, Tribute to Motherhood: Prov. 31:10-31, and Hope of the World.)
    • Dalton, Samuel
      • Adam Spach Rock House Box 1 (This folder contains a pencil drawing by Sam Dalton inscribed Adam Spach Rock House, Friedburg, Forsyth County, Davidson County. 1774. Also included are one laminated copy of the drawing and six copies.)
      • Ashland Oil Box 1 (This folder contains materials and correspondence regarding Ashland Oil stock.)
      • Estate Memo (1997 July) Box 1
      • Gottlieb Spach Christian Spach Home, print Box 1 (This folder contains a pencil drawing by Sam Dalton, February 22, 1999 inscribed Goetlieb Spach, Christian Spach Waughtown Clemmonsville Road. Also include are a photograph of the home, a copy of Dalton's print which has been colored with pencils, and black and white copies.)
      • Lillian S. Dalton Estate Box 1
      • Military Records Box 2 (This folder contains materials and corresondence related to the military service of Sam Dalton, including identification tags, uniform insignia, Army Separation Qualification Record, Honorable Discharge, Order to Report for Induction, and Birth Certificate.)
      • Miscellaneous Box 1 (This folder contains handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, Salem Star, April 1996, and USAir, February 12, 1996.)
      • Shannon McCanless Norment Home, print Box 1 (This folder contains a Christmas card from Craig and Marsha McCanless with black and white sketch of NC mountain home by Shannon McCanless Norment, 1998. Also include are three copies of sketch.)
      • Sea-Land Corporation Box 1 (This folder contains records and correspondence regarding Sea-Land Corporation stock)
    • Dalton, W.N.
      • Account Books (1904-1908) Box 1
      • Account Books (1945, 1951-1952) Box 1
      • Patient Records (1904-1915) Box 2 (Wellcome's Photographic Exposure Record contains birth records from Tobaccoville, 1904-07 and Winston-Salem, 1907-1915.)
      • Patient Records (1916) Box 2
      • Patient Records (1929-1944, 1946-1949) Box 2
      • Physician's Birth Memorandums (1914, 1923) Box 2
      • Physician's Memorandums (1906-1914) Box 2
      • Physician's Memorandums (1915, 1916, 1917) Box 3
      • Physicians Reference Books (1908) Box 2
  •  Series 2 Genealogical Records
    • Betty Hill, cousin, notes Box 4
    • Bibliographies and Obituaries Box 3 (This folder contains photocopied pages from History of North Carolina.)
    • Bynam, Luke and Thomas Tenney, descendants Box 3 (This folder contains a compilation of letters and written recollections from Richard Tenney Bynum to Sam Dalton.)
    • Dalton Family History Box 3 (This folder contains family history material given to Sam Dalton from Robert Miller. Corresondents include D Hadrick, Marilynn Masten and Jerry Dafoe. Included are materials on the following: Reich, Leinbach, Bostick, Rives, the Moravian Church, Hege, Stohr, Wagenen, Butner, Elrod, Hubbell, Ranke, and Dull/Doll.)
    • Dalton Paternal Ancestors
    • Dalton/Maston/McCanless Box 3
    • DNA project Box 7
    • Genealogy notes and correspondence Box 7
    • Joseph von Kernersville Box 3 (Schwarzwalder Uhrenhandler als Pionier in Nord Carolina. Christian Baumann, Staufen, 1976. in German)
    • Maps Box 3 (This folder contains a handwritten list of Maps and a letter from Doris B. Frye regarding the Lagle Land Grant Map, March 31, 1998.)
    • Martin, Colonel John (Jack) Box 3
    • Martin Family Box 3
    • Masten Family History by Alice Turner Masten (1985 May) Box 3
    • Masten Family of New York from William D. Goldstein Box 3
    • Masten, John, descendants Box 3 (February 1996, from Richard Tenney Bynum, Sr.)
    • Masten, John, descendants: Hudson Valley Branch Box 3 (With note: Bill Goldstein to Alice Walker to Sam Dalton, August 22, 1998.)
    • Masten, Luther Hezekiah Box 3 (This folder includes the marriage program for Patricia Ann Wolfe and David Lee Peeler, March 1981, Korner's Folly Brochure, "I Remember" by Polly Alice Masten Korner, and "Luther Hezekiah Masten: A Family History, 1640-1985" by Alice Turner Masten, 1986.)
    • McCanless (2 files) Box 4 (This folder contains materials and correspondence regarding the McCanless family records. Correspondents include Jerry (James) Israel.)
    • McCanless, David, descendants Box 4 (Includes correspondence from James G. Dalton.)
    • McCanless from Mrs. Aaron Tilley Box 4
    • McCanless Nebraska from Tom Haupert Box 4
    • McCanless: notes and documents, including correspondence from Jerry (James) Israel Box 4
    • McCanless: notes and documents, including correspondence from Susan W. Pender Box 4
    • Moravians in North Carolina: Bethania Map Box 4
    • Newspaper Articles and Family Photographs from Sadie Wilson Box 4
    • Reich Box 4
    • Reich from Sadie Willson Box 4
    • Reich from Carolyn Allen Box 4
    • Research Outline: North Carolina Box 4
    • Records from R.L. Miller Box 4 (Includes correspondence from R.L. Miller and lists of descendants of Timothy Rives, John Alston, Timothy Dalton, Vencent Meigs, Christopher Young, Hans Staudt, and Samuel Davis Miller.)
    • Rowan County Box 4 (This folder includes 1850 census of Rowan County, 1880 census of Salisbury Township, McCanless family materials, and Rowan County marriage records.)
    • Southern Roller Mills Quitclaim Deed (Creech and Spach Families)
    • U.S. Military Records Research Outline Box 5
    • War-related history notes Box 7
    • W.S.O.B. Robinson from Mrs. Aaron Tilley Box 4
    • Smith, Henry of Patrick Henry County, VA Box 4
    • Spach
      • Civil War Story - Augustus Daniel Fulk Box 5 (This folder contains "A Narrative of Events in the Life of Augustus Daniel Fulk, no date, with correspondence from Jon Thom (Johnny) Spach to Sadie Wilson, July 30, 1975.)
      • from Johnny Spach Box 5 (Includes materials from Wyoming, Illinois, and Friedburg Congregation Founders' Day and Spach Descendants Homecoming, 1951.)
      • J.L. Strupe Writings, Lash Information, Dr. George Follett Wilson Box 5 (From Sadie Wilson.)
      • Materials from Arnishe Spach Jones Box 5
      • Newspaper Clippings Box 5
      • Spach (2 files) Box 5 (This folder contains materials and corresondence regarding the Spach family, including a picture of the Spach family coat of arms and Blazon of Arms from Arnishe Jones, "A Western Girl in Rhyme" by Annette A. Spaugh, and an advertisement for Spach Wagon Works.)
      • Spach, Adam Descendents of by Richard Tenney Bynum, Sr. 1996, 1998. Box 4
      • Spainhour Box 5 (J.C. Kreeger's Spainhour History, with Foreward by J.M. Sapinhour, Lenoir, NC.)
      • The Lebenslauf of Maria Elisabeth M.N. Hunter Spach, 1731-1799 Box 5
  •  Series 3 Newspaper Clippings
    • Advertisement - Aaron Tilley Box 6
    • Friedberg Moravian Church 200th Anniversary Box 6 (The Courier, April 5, 1973. Includes picture and caption regarding Rock House.)
    • Guilford Court House Box 6 (This folder contains a five-part series on the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on Marfch 15, 1781, and the events leading up to the battle, titled "The Road To Guilford Courthouse" from The Sentinel, February/March 1981. Also included is an article from the Winston-Salem Journal, March 8, 1981, "British Won and Lost, Too, at Guilford Courthouse.")
    • John Martin's (Jack) Rock House Box 6 (This folder contains articles about the Rock House located in western Stokes County.)
    • Korner Box 6 (This folder contains two Korner's Folly brochures and an article from The Kernersville News, March 2, 1978, "The Slave Who Became A Korner", about Clara Korner (Aunt Dealy), written by David Wiggins.)
    • Land Bought Near Mall for Offices Box 6
    • Off Beat: Maj.Gen. Joseph N. Dalton Box 6
    • Postscript Box 6 (This folder contains two pieces from The Sentinel, 1978 from a series entitled POSTscript. No. 12 - Winston-Salem, NC Masonic Temple and No. 19 - coffee pot by tinsmiths Julius and Samuel Mickey.)
    • Rockin': JFK lifted P&P Chair out of doldrums Box 6 (Winston-Salem Journal March 3, 1996)
    • Waterfall Showered With Names Box 6 (Winston-Salem Journal, May 22, 1978. Article about "The Cascades" a waterfall just outside Hanging Rock State Park, cites "The Three Forks of Muddy Creek" by Flora Ann L. Bynum.)
    • Winston-Salem Traffic Control Depends on Over-All Planning Box 6 (Journal and Sentinel, November 10, 1946.)
  •  Series 4 Photographs
    • Dalton, Lillian Main Box 6
    • Dalton, Samuel Spach Box 6
    • Francis Jones Box 6 (This folder contains nine old photographs, six labeled Frances Jones, one Annie Kate Jones, and one of four women labeled Those Four and No More. Also included is a page of photocopies of pictures labed Richmond, VIR, 1798.)
    • High Point, N.C. Box 6 (This folder contains an assortment of photographs found in an envelope labeled High Point, NC. There is alos a brochure "Photo Productions of Indian Symbols and their Definitions from Utah Parks Comapny, Cedar City, "Utah, and a gift card from John P. Connelly.)
    • Houses Box 6 (This folder contains color photographs and negatives of houses in Winston-Salem, including the old Shell gas station.)
    • Julia Phillips Box 7 (This folder contains a portrait labeled Julia Phillips and a picture of three women.)
    • Korner Box 6 (This folder contains five photocopies of a portrait signed Fraternally, (?) Korner Jr., May 18th 1909.)
    • Masten Photos Box 6 (This is a bound group of color copies of photographs labeled by S. Dalton.)
    • Masten/Spach Box 6 (This folder contains five 2x3 prints with negatives of Christian Spach, Lucy, Alice and Victoria, John Henry, M...., Lucy, Alice and Victoria, Stuart Masten, and one unidentified family.)
    • McCanless Box 6 (This folder contains one 3x5 black and white photo of a group of people sitting on a porch and steps; a 4x4 sepia picture of a large house with three peole standing on the porch, inscribed on back "With love and best wishes, Carrie McCanless"; and an 8x10 color reprint of Dr. W.W. McCanless (William Walter) and his brothers, with two photo copies.)
    • Miller, Dr. Robert Lee, Belfast Box 6 (This is a bound group of color photographs labeled Dr. Robert Lee Miller, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Sociology, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland U.K., Twy, Sam and Luke.)
    • Miller, Dr. Robert Lee, Universite Ke Bangsahn Malaysia Box 6 (This is a bound group of color photographs labeled Dr. Robert Lee Miller, Universiti Ke Bangsahn Malaysia, Kualla Lumpur, Malaysia, July 1996.)
    • Miniature Portraits Box 6 (This folder contains thirty-one miniature portraits, possibly removed from a photograph album in the collection. A few are identified, most are not.)
    • DELETE- Miniature Portrait Album (Inscribed "A Birthday Present" Aug 28th 1880. Held miniature portraits which have been cut out.)
    • Miscellaneous images Box 6 (This is a bound group of color photographs, unidentified.)
    • Philadelphia Pictures Box 8 (This is a group of ten black and white pictures of a plant with machines. One has a nameplate Alfred Box & Co Builders. An additional picture found in the folder is of two men and a woman with a horse.)
    • Photones Box 7 (A paper album containing photos of landscapes and two women, unidentified.)
    • Ronald Macklin and others Box 6 (This is a bound group of color photographs mostly of flowers and gardens.)
    • Spach, Lucy Masten, Mrs. J.C. Spach: Photos from Mary Creech Box 7 (This is a bound group of photos labeled in pencil.)
    • Spach Photos Box 7 (This folder contains a miscellaneous assortment of pictures, people and houses.)
    • S.L. Spach House Box 7 (Three prints of house with family in front. Invoice from Spectrum 24 for prints.)
    • Photographs, Unidentified
      • 1 Box 7 (4 4x6 portraits, 1 4x6 photograph of a woman on a horse)
      • 2 Box 7 (1 8x10 of two men on camels in Egypt, 1 8X10 of a group of 8 men and 3 women, 1 8X10 of a 3-story house and store, with people at two entrances, marked PENN on back)
      • 3 Box 7 (1 8x10 of students in front of a building with a banner "Eastern" and "'09")
      • 4 Box 8 (Group of portraits of a baby (1934), a young man in uniform (1943), and an older man)
      • 5 Box 7 (1 sepia portrait, 1 4x6 of a man, 1 3x3 group picture of 10 children, 2 pages of photocopied portraits)
      • 6 Box 7 (1 4x6 photograph of 10 men in uniform standing in front of a tent)
      • 7 Box 7 (2 portraits, possibly of the same toddler)
      • 8 Box 7 (4 2x3 portraits, 3 8x10 portraits, formerly in frames by Trotman's, Inc.)
    • Bob Miller in Kenya Photos Box 7
    • Photographs Box 7
    • Photograph album, R.W. Dalton, Jr. (1951-1964) Box 8 (This album contains family photographs.)
  •  Series 5 Subject Files Box 5
    • Bamboo print Box 5
    • Bible Studies (Two type-written outlines of Bible stuides.)
    • Centenary United Methodist Church Symbols: The Story Told in Glass Stone and Fabric Box 5
    • Children of the American Revolution Application for Membership Box 5
    • Dalton Home: Anne Lee Memorial Home, Alexandria, VA Box 5
    • Dalton, Robert Isaac Box 5
    • Early, General Jubal Box 5
    • Easement, 3268 40 and 45 Box 5
    • From Saddlebags to Sanctuary: A Brief History of Centenary United Methodist Church (1832-2008) Box 7
    • Headquarters 17th Bombardment Group, Air Force Combat Command (1942 March) Box 5
    • History of Stokes County Box 5
    • Hooding Ceremony, WFU School of Law (1979) Box 5
    • Miscellaneous prints Box 5 (Two cards, one of "Last Light" by Philip Gibbs and one of Summer Blues by Dempsey Essick.)
    • Richmond Hill Nature Park Box 5
    • Silver-(Moore) Estate Booty Box 5 (This folder contains correspondence concerning silver hardware, including photos and list of markings.)
    • Stallman, Milton B. Box 5 (This folder contains correspondence with Milton B. Stallman, Chestnut Hill, PA, including a card with a drawing and poem, inscribed Milton, 1908.)
    • Three Sisters Reunion Box 5 (Pictures and other materials from reunion June 12, 1999 of the descendants of the three Masten sisters: Lucy Masten Spach, Parthenia Victoria Masten Spach, and Polly Alice Masten Korner, daughters of mathias and Catherine Masten.)
    • Vawter-Swaim Cemetery: Excavation and Analysis (1983) Box 5
    • Waughtown Cemetery Box 5
    • Wilson, Reuben Box 5
    • Winston-Salem maps compiled (1930) Box 5
    • Yellowstone National Park (1953) Box 6 (This folder contains materials and photographs from a tour of Yellowstone National Park taken by Lillian Spach Dalton and her sister.)
    • Z. Smith Reynolds Flight to China Box 7

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Samuel Spach Dalton and Family Papers
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