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Physical Activity Habits in Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis

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Physical Activity Habits in Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis
Chmelo, Elizabeth
Background: To objectively assess physical activity habits using accelerometers, and to examine the relationship between physical activity and physical functioning, in 160 older (66 + 6 years old), obese (body mass index 33.5 + 3.7 kg/m2) individuals with knee osteoarthritis. Methods: Physical activity was assessed using uni-axial accelerometers (physical activity variables: total steps/day, minutes of activity in intensity levels, physical activity energy expenditure). Physical function was assessed by the 6-min walk, a battery of lower extremity function, and a self-report pain and function questionnaire. Pearson correlations and general linear models were used to analyze the relationship between physical activity and participant characteristics and physical function. Results: The total steps/day was 6209 (1459-15,949) and PAEE averaged 237 + 124 kcal/day (33-790) in this population. Total steps/day, PAEE, and minutes of MPA/VPA tended to be lower in individuals who were older. Being female was associated with less PAEE. There was a positive association between being white and steps/day, PAEE, minutes of LPA, and minutes of MPA/VPA. Both the 6-min walk distance and lower extremity function was better in those who had higher total steps/day, higher PAEE, and higher minutes of MPA/VPA. Conclusions: This study objectively measured physical activity habits in older adults with knee OA. PA habits in this population were below recommended physical activity guidelines. Participants who were more physically active in terms of total steps/day and PAEE had better overall physical function than those who achieved less total steps/day.
Older Adults
Physical activity
Nicklas, Barbara (committee chair)
Berry, Michael (committee member)
Davis, Cralen (committee member)
Legault, Claudine (committee member)
Miller, Gary (committee member)
2011-02-16T21:42:31Z (accessioned)
2011-07-30T08:30:09Z (available)
2010 (issued)
Clinical and Population Translational Sciences (discipline)
2011-07-30 (terms)
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Wake Forest University

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