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Germaine Bree Papers

Finding Aid & Inventory

Germaine Brée was a scholar specializing in 20th century modern French literature, acting as WFU Kenan Professor of Humanities from 1973 to 1985. She specifically lectured and wrote on writers such as André Gide, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marcel Proust, Marguerite Duras, Samuel Beckett, and Albert Camus. This collection contains writings, research, administrative materials, personal materials, travel materials, and correspondence.

Biographical and Historical Note

Germaine Brée was born in Lasalle, France on October 2, 1907. She spent the early years of her childhood in the British Channel Islands before returning to France with her family in 1922. She continued her education at the Sorbonne, a college within the University of Paris, and chose to major in English. She presented her thesis on Henry James at the end of her studies. Following her graduate studies at the Sorbonne, Brée spent a year as an exchange student at Bryn Mawr College; she would later return to teach at the university in 1936 and 1945. After completing her year as an exchange student at Bryn Mawr College, she taught for four years in Algeria, lectured for one year at Bryn Mawr College, and spent six summers teaching in Middlebury College summer language schools. When World War II broke out, Brée took a sabbatical from teaching and voluntarily joined the French Army, where she worked as an ambulance driver in both North Africa and France. She also spent some time in the French Intelligence Service, and was promoted to first lieutenant. She received a Bronze Star for her service after the war.

Brée returned to the United States to continue teaching, and once more accepted a teaching position at Bryn Mawr College. Indeed, she would go on to teach at many institutions around the world. These schools included: New York University, where she established the French House of NYU, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Princeton University, Williams College, Ohio University, the American University in Cairo, Kings College, London University, University of California Berkeley, and Los Angeles University. She became a United States citizen in 1952. In 1973, she was named the Kenan Professor of Humanities at Wake Forest University. She retired in 1985.

Brée was best known for her work and research on 20th century modern French literature, and was considered an authority on the subject. She specifically lectured and wrote on writers such as André Gide, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marcel Proust, Marguerite Duras, Samuel Beckett, and Albert Camus, the latter with whom she was a close friend. Indeed, her most famous book was her critical biography Camus, and it, in turn, solidified her standing as an expert in her field. Brée's other famous works include, but are not limited to:  An Age of Fiction: the French novel from Gidé to Camus,  Marcel Proust,  André Gide,  Twentieth Century French Literature,  Camus and Sartre: Crisis and Commitment, and  Women Writers in France. Brée was recognized extensively for her accomplishments in the academic world. She received a Fulbright in 1962, was elected President of the Modern Language Association in 1975, was named a Commander of the Order of the Academic Palms by the French government in 1989, and received more than 25 honorary degrees from universities across America. Brée passed away September 22, 2001, at age 93.

Collection Overview

This collection contains materials relating to and by Dr. Germaine Brée, a renowned French literary scholar and critic who served as Wake Forest University's Kenan Professor of Humanities. The collection includes, but is not limited to: Brée's own articles and essays; her extensive research for the aforementioned essays; literary offprints and newspaper articles; photographs; information relating to her Wake Forest University Kenan Professorship; travel information; handwritten and typed notes for her articles; sheet music and art books; correspondence with friends and colleagues - particularly Emily Wilson, a Winston-Salem writer; materials relating to Brée's volunteer stint with the French branch of Service Civil International; various awards and honors; and some personal items and papers. The collection also includes some materials addressed to Dr. Elaine Marks, a fellow French scholar and contemporary of Brée's.

Please note, the handwriting found in this collection is often small and may be difficult to read, particularly in the "Handwritten Notes" folder.

Collection Inventory

  • Articles and Essays by Brée (1947-1993) / Box 1 Folder 1
    • "Aging and the Uses of Literature"  (1978)
    • "The Break-up of Traditional Genres: Bataille, Leiris, Michaux" (Fall 1973)
    • "Lucette Finas: An Introduction" (1978)
    • ""New" Poetry and Poets in France and the United States"
    • Proust: Du Cote de Chez Swann: 'Combray'
    • "Wanderings in the Proustian Labyrinth: Who is the Author? What is the Text?" (printed in Carrefour de Cultures: Melanges offerts a Jacqueline Leiner) (1993)
    • "Is Autobiography Possible?"; published in manin7modes, the magazine of the Southern Humanities Conference (1977)
    • "French Criticism: A Battle of Books?"; published in The Emory University Quarterly, Volume XXII (Spring 1967)
    • "Narcissus Absconditus: The Problematic Art of Autobiography in Contemporary France" (1978)
    • "The Archaeology of Discourse in Malraux's Anti-memoirs"
    • "Women's Voices in Cross Cultural Exchange"
    • "La Conception Proustienne De L'Esprit" (July 1959)
    • "The Break-up of Traditional Genres: Batalle, Leiris, Michaux"
    • "Beyond Romanticism: Narrative Play in Gidian Fiction" (1970)
    • "Two Vintage Years: France, 1913; England 1922"; published in Virginia Woolf Quarterly, Volume 1 (Summer 1973)
    • Book review of André Gide and the Codes of Homotextuality  (1987)
    • Book review of Sartre on Theatre
    • Book review of André Malraux's The Temptation of the West
    • Book review of Roger Grender's Year's in Ambush
    • "French Criticism: A Battle of Books?"
    • "Marceline Debordes-Valmore Epitstoliere: L'Errance Dans Le Labyrinthe" [published in Du Romantisime au Supernaturalisme: Hommage a Claude Pichois]
    • "D'une Périod L'autre: Une Poétique Du "Passage" (En Hommage À Michéle Tison-Braun)
    • "Senghor's Africanism and the Francophone Mode"
    • "La Thème de la Violence dans le Monde Tragique de Racine" (1947)
    • "The Footprint of the Buddha"
    • Book review of Michele Sarde's Colette, Free and Fettered
  • Research / Box 1
    • Book reviews used for research (1958-1990) / Box 1 Folder 2 (See also: Clippings of book reviews and articles in "Newspaper Articles" series [Box, Folder ])
      • Book reviews (reprinted from Criticism: a Quarterly for Literature and the Arts) (Summer 1967)
      • Revue de Littérature Comparee  (January-March 1963)
      • Partisan Review 3  (1990)
      • Book reviews [reprinted from Criticism: a Quarterly for Literature and the Arts, Volume VIII] (Summer 1966)
      • Book review of Eugene Vinaver's The Rise of Romance  (Spring 1972)
      • Book review of Pierre Segher's Poetes Maudits d'aujourd'hui
      • Orpheus newsletter: "In Search of Atlantis: a 20th Century Mass Mythology" by Dr. Henri Barzun (September 1966)
      • Orpheus newsletter: "In Search of Atlantis: a synthetic survey of civilization spanning Two World Wars" (Winter 1968)
      • Book review of "The Age of the Crowd: A Historical Treatise on Mass Psychology" by Serge Moscovivci, reviewed by David James Fisher; reprinted from The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Assocation, Volume 38 (August 1990)
      • Book review on David Ellison's The Reading of Proust (printed from John Hopkins University Press)
      • Revue de Litterature Comparee Extrait
      • Orpheus newsletter: "A Golden Jubilee Edition: Four Works, Paris-New York, 1912-1921-1961-1967" by Dr. H. M. Barzun (Fall 1967)
      • Book review of Georges Cattaui's Proust perdu et retrouve
      • Book review of Wladimir Krysinski's Carrefours de signes, Essais sur la roman moderne
      • Book Review of Robert Greer Cohn's book L'Oeuvre de Mallarmé: Un Coup de dés  (Summer 1964)
      • Book review of Geoffrey Brereton's An Introduction to French Poets  (February 1958)
      • Book Review of Gerda Lerner's The Creation of Patriarchy
      • Book review of Maurice Bardeche's Marcel Proust romancier
      • Book Review of Fredric Jameson's The Prison House of Language: A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism
    • Art essays and research (1972-1992) / Box 1 Folder 3
      • Life Enrichment through the Arts: the second annual symposium on Vitality and Maturity in the Arts; contains an article by Germaine Bree (1979)
      • The American Academy of Arts and Sciences February 1992 Bulletin (February 1992)
      • Les plus beaux portraits
      • "L'Art Selon Artaud" par Tzvetan Todorov (1972)
      • "The Art World: A Leap in the Dark" by Adam Gopnik (October 23, 1989)
      • "Objects d'art" note with list of paintings
      • Addendum of list of "peintures" [en français]
      • "Edouard Manet" by Cynthia Hall Hammett
      • "Henri Matisse: Lithographs and Bronzes from the Cone Collection"; Weatherspoon Art Gallery
      • " Caligula: Portrait de l'artiste ou rein" par George H. Bauer (1975)
      • Map of the interior of the United States National Gallery of Art
    • Library research documents / Box 1 Folder 4
      • Microfilm forms
      • Research application for members of the Center d'Etudes Proustinnes à Paris to review material at the French National Library (Fall 1971)
      • Library Collection Description; "A Checklist of the Manuscripts in Jean Santeuil, Manuscrit Autographe, Volume I of the Bibliothèque Nationale" by J. Theodore Johnson Jr.
      • Library Collection Description; "A Checklist of the Manuscripts in Jean Santeuil, Manuscrit Autographe, Volume II of the Bibliothèque Nationale" by J. Theodore Johnson Jr.
      • Rebinding slips
    • Poetry / Box 1 Folder 5
      • "Moonlight" by Verlaine
      • "Allegory: To Jules Valadon" by Verlaine
      • "This Cat" by Baudelaire
      • "Lethe" by Baudelaire
      • "Faun's Head" by Rimbaud
      • "Evening Prayer" by Rimbaud
      • "Comme Je Suis Un Étranger Dans Notre Vie" par Philippe Jaccottet
      • III: "Song of Innocence", "Hypothesis"
      • Amours: Trois poémes inédits (1912) par Blaise Cendrars (1912)
      • Progress: Anti-Classical, Dictions of the slaves of Liberations
      • Corners (2 copies)
    • Notes
      • Handwritten research notes [3 parts] / Box 1 Folder 6 / Box 1 Folder 7
      • Typed research notes, outlines, and bibliographies
      • Notes on index cards
    • Literary criticism and political theory used for Germaine Breé's research
      • English criticism [3 parts] (1941-1970) / Box 1 Folder 10 / Box 1 Folder 9 / Box 8 Folder 7
        • "Mallarmé's L'Aprés-Midi d'un Faune: An Exegetical and Critical Study" by A.R. Chisholm (1958)
        • "Language as a Factor in Intergroup Relations" by Wallace E. Lanbert
        • "The Universe in a Glass: Poetic Closure in Apollinaire and Cendrars" by Dr. James Robert Hewitt
        • "The Dialectics of Dream: "le song"in Anabase of Saint John Perse" by Lynne Howard Goodhart
        • "Of Cannibals" with handwritten revisions and notes
        • "Paul Claudel, the Apocalypse, and Israel" by Claude Vigee (Summer 1965)
        • Revival and Revolution in English and French Romantic Poetry by Margaret Gilman
        • "A Reading of Aimé Césaire's Return to My Native Land" by Emile Snyder (Fall 1970)
        • "The Black Hero in French Romantic Fiction" by David O'Connell
        • Arezki's Bookburning in Mouloud Mammeri's Le Sommeil Du Juste
        • " In Hoc Signo: An Explication of Mallarmé's "Cygne"" by Philip E. Cranston
        • "From Imagination to Immediacy in French Poetry" by Margaret Gilman (1948)
        • "Surrealism: Perspectives on the Avant-Garde" by J.H. Matthews
        • "Changing Styles in Literary Studies": The Presidential Address of the Modern Humanities Research Association, 1963 [speech given by Helen C. White] (1963)
        • "The Term and Concept of Literary Criticism" by René Wellek [Reprint from the Proceedings of the IIIrd Congress of the International Comparative Literature Assocation]  (1962)
        • "The Discovery and Encouragement of Humanists" (May 1958)
        • "Peripatetic Adversaries of Cartesianism in 17th Century France" par Leonora Cohen Rosenfield (1957)
        • "History of Ideas Versus Reading of Poetry" by Leo Spitzer (Winter 1941)
        • "Revolt and Praise: Contemporary French Poetry" by Claude Vigée
        • "Historical and Contemporary Backgrounds of the Chambered Nautilus" by Grant McColley
        • Criticism as Creation in The Work of Diderot by James Doolittle (Spring 1949)
        • "From Spinelessness to Solitude: Reason and Unreason in Existentialist Ethics" (Winter 1965)
        • "The Disciplines of Criticism: Essays in Literary Theory, Interpretation, and History honoring René Wellek on the Occasion of his Sixty Fifth Birthday" (1968)
        • "A Study of the Dramatic Structure of Partage de Midi from 1905-1949" by Mildred Deuel
        • Literary Criticism: A Short History by William K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Cleanth Brooks (February 1958)
        • "Criticism in Crisis" by Harry Levin
        • Negritude: Status or Dynamics? by Eric Sellin
      • French criticism (1958-1983) / Box 1 Folder 11
        • Semper Aliquid Novi: Littérature Comparée et Littératures d'Afrique; édités par János Riesz et Alain Ricard
        • Colloque D'Illiers-Combray (September 3, 1978)
        • " La Jeune Parque: Poème de l'adolescence?" par Judith Robinson
        • "Léon-Paul Fargue et la poésie" par Raoul Pelmont (May 1958)
        • "Montaigne et L'Ecriture De L'Histoire" par Lawrence D. Kritzman (1983)
        • "Valéry's poetics" by Tzvetan Todorov
        • "Flaubert le precurseur" par Nathalie Sarraute
        • Poetique: Les discours de la poesie (November 1982)
        • Les Nord-Africains en France: realities et representations litteraires par Nicole M. Fouletier-Smith (April 1978)
        • L'Ordre des Oiseaux: Exposition des Manuscrits et Eaux Fortes par Saint-John Perse et Georges Braque (December 1962-January 1963)
        • "Valery et Mallarmé: Le Tigre et la Gazelle" par James R. Lawler (May 1979)
        • "Concience et Poésie" par Claude Vigée [printed in Courrier du Centre International D'études Poétiques] (1958)
        • "Rythme et Signification Poétiques" par A. Kibédi Varga (1965)
        • Program from Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures Modernes Ninth International Congress [August 25-31, 1963] (August 25-31, 1963)
          • Letter insert from Eugéne Vinaver (July 1963)
        • "La vie et les aventures du mot 'reaction'" par Jean Starobinksi (1975)
        • "La notion de structure" par Bernard Bray
      • Italian criticism (1971) / Box 1 Folder 12
        • Studi Urbinati: Di Storia, Filsofia e Letteratura: "Préface a Vathek" da Tzvetan Todorov (1971)
      • Political theory (1955-1971) / Box 1 Folder 13
        • "The Role of Literature in Foreign Language Instruction" by Roger Shattuck (April 1958)
        • "The Nature of Fascism in France" by Robert J. Soucy [printed in the Journal of Contemporary History]
        • "French Fascism and Class Concilation and Moral Regernation" by Robert Soucy (Autumn 1971)
        • "Prediction & Control Versus the Narcissus Trance of Political Science" by James Steintrager
        • "Political Socialization and Political Theory" by James Steintrager (Spring 1968)
        • "Foreign Languages as Weapons for Defense" by Robert F. Roeming (November 1962)
        • "Political Philosophy for our Time" by Marshall E. Dimock (November 1955)
    • Albert Camus (1957-1997) / Box 1 Folder 14 / Box 8 Folder 2 / Box 8 Folder 3
      • Magazine of Camus's poetry, with photos and advertisements included [en français]
      • Review of the "Camusian" documentary Weapons of the Spirit  (November 1990)
      • "Alienation and Aridity: The Climatic Correlative in Camus' Writings" by Anna Balakian [printed in the magazine Albert Camus' Literary Milieu: Arid Lands] (1973)
      • "Interview Accordé A Eric Sellin" par Edmond Charlot
      • Societe Des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (Spring 1986)
      • Societe des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin D'Information (January 1991)
      • Societe Des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (June 1993)
      • Societe des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (November 1993)
      • Societe des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (January 1994)
      • Societe des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (June 1994)
      • Societie des Etudes Camusiennes: Bulletin d'information (January 1997)
      • "Une Correspondance Inédite de l'époque du Théatre de L'equipe" par Raymond Gay-Crosier
      • "Albert Camus, An Anti-Christian Moralist" by Henri Peyre (October 1958)
      • "Religion de l'indifférence chez Camus" par Claud Treil (May 1966)
      • An excerpt from a lecture "Create Dangerously" given at the University of Uppsala in December 1957 by Albert Camus (December 1957)
      • "Albert Camus: The Plague of Absurdity" by Louis R. Rossi
      • "Albert Camus: An Indifferent Moralist" by Henri Peyre (1958)
      • "Albert Camus: The Plague of Absurdity" by Louis R. Rossi
      • "From Naturalism to the Absurd: Edmond de Goncourt and Albert Camus" by J.H. Matthews
      • "Camus et le Donjuanisme" par R. Gay-Crosier (1968)
      • "Aesthetic Distance and Inner Space in the Novels of Camus" by Brian T. Finch
      • "Balance and Tension in the Philosophy of Camus" by Hazel E. Barnes (October 1960)
      • "Albert Camus: the Artist and his Time" by Ria Drell Reck
    • Marcel Proust / Box 1 Folder 15 / Box 8 Folder 1
      • Illiers, Le Combray de Marcel Proust par P.L. Larcher (limited edition) (1956)
      • "Proust and the Art of Incompletion" by Leo Bersani (1971)
      • "Proust e il caso van Blarenberghe: il suicidio come espiazione, l'arte come redenzione" da Paola Placella
      • "Proust and Negative Plates: Photography and the Photographic Process in A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu" by Roxanne Hanney
      • Estratto de Critica Letteraria: Proust e il caso van Blarenberghe: il suicidio come espiazione, l'arte come redenzione da Paola Placella (1977)
      • Le "Nouveau Roman" de Proust par Jessie L. Hornsby (Summer 1967)
      • "Proustian Order and the Aristocracy of Time Past" by Priscilla P. Clark (Spring 1974)
      • "Marcel Proust retrouvé"
      • "Proust and "Le Joli Langage" by Justin O'Brien
    • Jean Paul Sartre (1964-1989) / Box 1 Folder 16
      • "The Myth of the Bastilee and Sartre's French Revolution" by Lawrence D. Kritzman (Summer 1989)
      • "The Parisians and the Germans" by Jean-Paul Sartre
      • "Satre's Room" by John K. Simon (1964)
      • "Sartre and the Drama of Ensnarement" by Victor Brombert (1964)
      • "Jean-Paul Sartre: Exit" Germaine Breé talks about France's hero of hopelessness (Spring 1980)
    • André Gide (1951-1982) / Box 8 Folder 4 / Box 1 Folder 17
      • Andre Gide and War: deux aprecus by Fredrick J. harris (October 1974)
      • "Montaigne and Gide's La Porte étroite" by Frieda S. Brown; printed in Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Volume LXXXII (March 1967)
      • "André Gide et les modalités de la composition" par Eiko Nakamura
      • "Gidé's Caves Du Vatican and the Illusionism of the Novel" by William W. Holdheim (May 1962)
      • "The Young Gidé's Reaction to Nietzsche" by William W. Holdheim
      • "Les Cahiers d'André Walter: Idea, Emotion, and Dream in the Gidian Novel" by Gerald H. Storzer (Summer 1975)
      • "A Distinguished Modern Humanist--Andre Gide" by J.C. Davies (July 13, 1960)
      • "L'Immortaliste: Prelude to the Gidian Problem of the Individual and Society" by Frieda S. Brown (1970)
      • "Gidé's Traité du Narcisse: A Theory on the Post-Symbolist Sign?" by Emily Apter
      • Pamphlet of André Gide correspondance avec François Paul Alibert 1907-1950
      • "Baudelaire et Gide: La Porte étroite" par Albert Sonnenfeld
      • "Symbolisme et Invention Formelle dans les Premiers Ecrits D'André Gide: le trait du Narcisse, Le Voyage dÚrien, Paludes" par Chrisian Angelet (1982)
      • "André Gide: A Memorial Lecture" by L.A. Bisson (December 1951)
      • "André Gide and the German Occupation" by Konrad Bieber (September 1954)
      • "The Utopia of Blindness in Gidé's Symphonie Pastorale" by Lawrence E. Harvey (February 1958)
      • "A Distinguished Modern Humanist--André Gide" by J.C. Davies (1960)
    • Unsorted research materials / Box 7 Folder 5
  • Literary Offprints and Magazines (1942-1996) / Box 2 / Box 3
    • Offprints [Most inscribed by author]
      • English Offprints [9 parts] / Box 2 Folder 4 / Box 2 Folder 3 / Box 2 Folder 6 / Box 2 Folder 5 / Box 2 Folder 2 / Box 2 Folder 1 / Box 8 Folder 12 / Box 2 Folder 8 / Box 2 Folder 7
      • French Offprints [4 parts] / Box 8 Folder 12 / Box 2 Folder 11 / Box 2 Folder 10 / Box 2 Folder 9
      • German Offprints / Box 3 Folder 1
      • Spanish offprints / Box 3 Folder 2
      • Italian Offprints / Box 8 Folder 13 / Box 3 Folder 3
    • Literary magazines and newsletters / Box 3
      • French literary magazines / Box 8 Folder 5 / Box 3 Folder 4
      • English literary magazines / Box 3 Folder 5 / Box 8 Folder 6
  • Newspaper Articles / Box 4
    • Profiles and Lectures of Germaine Breé / Box 4 Folder 1
    • Obituaries / Box 4 Folder 2
    • Reviews of Brée's books / Box 4 Folder 3
    • Printed Articles by Brée / Box 4 Folder 4
    • Book reviews and articles for Brée's research / Box 4 Folder 5 (See also: Book reviews used for Germaine Bree's research under "Research" series heading [Box, Folder])
    • French editorials / Box 4 Folder 6
    • Literary theory and commentary / Box 4 Folder 7
    • Clippings on religion / Box 4 Folder 8
    • Clippings on marriage and divorce / Box 4 Folder 9
    • Theatre and concert reviews and programs / Box 4 Folder 10
      • A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O'Neill
      • Popular Theatre of Lorraine's production of Marguerite Duras's L'Amante Anglaise  (November 1986)
      • "L'Histoire terrible mais inachevée de Norodom Sihanouk roi du Cambodge"
      • Caligula dans le Théatre la Bruyére; direction Georges Vitaly
      • University of Wisconsin Asian Theatre Program Presents: Encounter  (May 1968)
      • Smith College Museum of Art Recital for the Exhibition "Henri Fantin-Latour" (May 1966)
      • Interplay presents the American Premiere of The Lovers of Viorne by Marguerite Duras; directed by David Perkovich
      • "Concert Records: Two Great Voices"
      • Hessisches Theatre Wiesbaden (a dramatization of Kafka's "Ein Bericht Fur Eine Akademie")
    • Clippings and columns of interest to Germaine Brée / Box 8 Folder 14 / Box 4 Folder 11
  • Wake Forest University Kenan Professorship / Box 4
    • Kenan professorship appointment articles / Box 4 Folder 12
    • Retirement dinner program (April 13) / Box 4 Folder 13
  • Book Covers / Box 4 Folder 14
    • Island Ceylon: Photographs by Roloff Beny, Text and Anthology by John Lindsay Opie
    • La Nouvelle Collection: Skira, Le Gout de Notre Temps
    • Bibliloteque de Philosophie: Cahiers pour une morale par Jean-Paul Sartre
    • Simone de Beauvoir and the Demystification of Motherhood by Yolanda Astarita Patterson with a foreword by Germaine Bree
    • Anthology of plays by Moliere including The Pretentious Young Ladies, Sganarelle, The Forced Marriage, Don Garcia of Navarre
    • L'image de l'Allemagne dans le Roman Francais de 1945 a nos Jours par Marie-Agnes et Morita-Clement
    • À la recherche du temps perdu par Marcel Proust
    • The Woman Destroyed by Simone de Beauvoir
    • L'Amante Anglaise by Marguerite Duras
    • Malraux par lui-meme; Images et textes présentés par Gaetan Picon
    • Preuves: Février 1965 (February 1965)
  • French Satirical Magazines / Box 4 Folder 15
    • Crapouillot: Dictionnaire des Contemporains (Numero 9)
    • Crapouillot: Paris Guide (Numero Special)
    • Crapouillot: Le Monde des Reves
    • Dictionnaire des Contemporains par Jean Galtier Boissiere (October 1949)
    • Dictionnaire des Contemporains, Tome II: G a Z par Jean Galtier-Boissiere
  • Correspondence / Box 5 Folder 1 / Box 8 Folder 9
    • Postcards
    • Letters
    • Birthday cards
    • Requests for book reviews
    • Contracts
    • Invitations
    • Society and group memberships
  • Letters to Emily Wilson (1972-1992) / Box 5
    • Note from Emily Herring Wilson explaining relationship with Germaine Brée / Box 5 Folder 2
    • Letters in envelopes (1972-1992) / Box 5 Folder 3
    • Photo of Germaine Brée at Bryn Mawr College / Box 5 Folder 3
  • Dr. Elaine Marks materials / Box 5 Folder 5
    • Literary essays and magazines
      • " L'Aprés-midi d'un faune de Stéphanie Mallarmé" par L.J. Ausin
    • Correspondence
  • Personal items and papers / Box 8 Folder 8 / Box 5 Folder 6
    • Address book
    • Biographical information
    • Book on Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1971)
    • Shopping lists
    • Invoices / Box 5 Folder 7
    • Business cards and other contact information / Box 5 Folder 8
    • Photographs / Box 6 Folder 1
    • Planners
  • Awards and Honors / Box 5 Folder 9
    • Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters from the University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • Suffolk University Summa Society
    • Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters from St. Lawrence University
  • Travel / Box 6
    • Travel information / Box 6 Folder 2
      • Intineraries
      • Boarding Passes
      • City Guides and Recommendations
    • Travel brochures and maps / Box 6 Folder 3
      • Gregory's Road map of Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges
      • Centre Val de Loire, France
      • France Aquitaine News: Information for tourists about the area of Bordeaux
      • France: the southwest
      • Relais de Campagne: "Le Route du Bonheur" France (1970)
      • Map of Amherst, Massachusetts
      • Map of Toompea, Estonia (the uppper town)
      • Map of Western Loire, France
      • France: the northeast
      • Map of Poitou Charentes, France
      • Geographer's Handy Map of Central London
      • 1926 Maps of France
  • Student Publications and Manuscripts / Box 6 Folder 4
    • "La Genese Du Sens Dans a La Recherche Du Temps Perdu" par Jaroslav Frycer with handwritten notes and revisions on cover and throughout the pamphlet
      • Letter from J. Frycer asking Germaine Bree to edit his article (February 1973)
    • "Etudes proustiennes" by Margaret Mien
    • Creationism Papers from Sara Radcliffe / Box 6 Folder 5
    • Materials from John Theodore Johnson / Box 5 Folder 6
  • Posters and Flyers / Box 5 Folder 7
    • French National Lottery Poster
    • Poster for Brée lecture "Narcissus absconditus: the problematic art of autobiography in contemporary France" (January 26, 1978)
  • Art Books / Box 5 Folder 8
    • La Sculpture Romane: Encyclopedie Alpina Illustree; Texte de Marcel Aubert, de l'Institut; Photos de Jean Roubier
    • Bloom: Eight Drawings by Hyman Bloom with a note by Hyman Swetzoff (Spring 1962)
    • French Drawings & Prints of the Eighteenth Century; compiled by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (August-October 1972)
    • Les Fouquet de Chantilly: Heures d'etienne chevalier; Textes par Henri Malo (1945)
  • Sheet Music / Box 5 Folder 9
    • Portraits de Peintres: Pieces pour Piano arranged by Reynaldo Hahn
  • Service Civil International Project: Les Mémoires de la Branche Française (1935-1985) / Box 7
    • Materials from 1935-1950 (1935-1950) / Box 7 Folder 1
    • Materials from 1951-1956 (1951-1956) / Box 7 Folder 2
    • Materials from 1969-1979 (1969-1979) / Box 7 Folder 3
    • Materials from 1980-1986 / Box 7 Folder 4
  • Uncategorized Items / Box 7 Folder 5

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Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives
Brée, Germaine
Germaine Brée papers
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11.75 linear feet  2 records cartons, 3 document boxes, 1 half-document box, 1 oversized box

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Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives 2011
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Germaine Brée Papers (MS387), Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. 

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  • Service Civil International. Branche française.
  • Wake Forest University--Faculty--Personal and professional papers.

Personal Name(s)

  • Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989
  • Brée, Germaine
  • Camus, Albert, 1913-1960
  • Duras, Marguerite
  • Gide, André, 1869-1951
  • Marks, Elaine
  • Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922
  • Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980
  • Wilson, Emily Herring


  • College teachers--North Carolina
  • French literature--20th century--History and criticism
  • French literature--Study and teaching (Higher)
  • French teachers
  • Universities and colleges--North Carolina--Faculty

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