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  • Shadows
    • A cat nap
    • An old fox
    • Lady and horse
    • The frog
    • A strong lion
    • Pat
    • Pigeon
    • The ram
    • A young deer
    • Yelping whelp
    • One of the boys
    • A sheep
    • Gorilla
    • The dodo
    • Rhinoceros
    • A striking goat
    • Grandma
    • Pretty poll
    • The bull
    • The Wolf
    • The canada goose
    • The kid
    • The vulture
    • Guardian of the peace
    • He couldn't help it
    • Rabbit
    • A duck
    • Coon
    • The mule
    • The tiger
    • An old hen
    • Old rooster
    • Quack doctor
    • Our friend Jack
    • The crow
  • Histories of poor boys who have become rich, and other famous people
    • Life of Leland Stanford. Life of Senator Stanford
    • Life of Benjamin Harrison. Life of President Harrison
    • Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Life of Gladstone
    • Life of Alfred Tennyson. Life of Tennyson
    • Life of Sarah Bernhardt. History of Sarah Bernhardt
    • Life of Charles Stewart Parnell. Life of Chas. S. Parnell
    • Life of George W. Childs. Life of Geo. W. Childs
    • Life of Edgar Allan Poe. Life of Edgar Allen Poe
    • Life of Levi P. Morton. Levi P. Morton
    • Life of Horace B. Claflin. Horace B. Claflin
    • Life of Adelina Patti-Nicolini. Adelina Patti
    • Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Life of H.W. Longfellow
    • Life of John Greenleaf Whittier. Life of John G. Whittier
    • Life of P.T. Barnum. P.T. Barnum
    • Life of Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll. Life of Robt Ingersoll
    • Life of Ezra Cornell. Ezra Cornell
    • Life of Joseph Jefferson. Life of Joe Jefferson
    • Life of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie
    • History of General Benjamin F. Butler. Short history of Benj. F. Butler
    • History of General Don Carlos Buell Short history of Gen'l. D.C. Buell
    • Life of Thomas Alva Edison. History of Thos. Edison
    • Life of Etelka Gerster. History of Etelka Gerster
    • Life of Helena Modjeska. History of Mme Modjeska
    • Life of John Jacob Astor. John Jacob Astor
    • Life of John Henry Brodribb Irving. Life of Henry Irving
    • Life of Ole Bull. History of Ole Bull
    • Life of Tommaso Salvini. Tommaso Salvini
    • Life of Commodore Vanderbilt. History of Cornelius Vanderbilt
    • Life of James Buchanan Eads.Life of Jas. B. Eads
  • Terrors of America and their doings
    • Swimming. Cheese it, the cop, fellars
    • I'm de boss whistler on the block I'm the boss whistler on the block
    • Get onto the dude.
    • Helen Standish in colors of Bunker Hill Yacht Club
    • Here's my Maud S.
    • Ah, go hit a feller yer size! Ah, go hit a fellow your size!
    • I didn't steal no apples mister!
    • Say yous fellows, come take a Turkish bath
    • Get onto me spread de eagle
    • Football.Oh my shin.
    • EXTRA! EXTRA!!
    • I'm de boss of de gang you'se kin bet I'm the boss of the gang you can bet
    • Keep the pot a boilin'.
    • The pitcher. Just watch me twist it.
    • The Boss Fighter. I knocked the stuffin' out of Billy anyhow
    • The boss short-stop. Gee...Whitaker.
    • Tug of War Pull now boys, altogether.
    • Out on first! How's that umpire?
    • Watch him kick it
    • Get off there! Do you think I'm a feather bed?
    • Say, stop de game. me galluses is gone wrong!
    • Let her go slow, Gallagher.
    • The Figure Eight.
    • Ain't she a beauty
    • Election Night
    • Line up, back there.
    • BEFORE ELECTION. This'll make her blaze.
    • SNOWBALLING. Just look at that hat.
    • I save yer the core. I'll save you the core.
    • Kite Time. Great Scott! But she's a pullin!!
    • Missus, lemme clean it for a quarter?
    • Saturday afternoon, and me a playin' nurse
    • A great big bite
    • Oh! If I catch that rabbitt
    • Wid me one hand
    • I'd make a dandy girl! Thanksgiving Day
    • Rear view of Missus, lemme clean it for a quarter
  • Histories of the following generals
    • History of General Quincy Adams Gillmore Short history of Genl. Gillmore
    • History of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut. Short history of Adm'l Farragut

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Summary Information

Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives
Duke Tobacco Company Cigarette Card Collection
19th Century
0.2 linear feet 1 small box
Mixed materials [Box]

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Administrative Information

Publication Information
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives
Digital Copies note
Digital project exists. All digital copies available in DSpace http://wakespace.lib.wfu.edu/jspui/handle/10339/45. 

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