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The Cataloging of E-Book Readers: A Service Model-Oriented Approach

Kelley, Steve

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The popularity of E-book readers has exploded over the past several years, and many libraries have begun purchasing and providing access to these devices for our patrons. A large body of academic literature addresses the popularity of e-book readers and the issues involved with purchasing them and licensing material for them, but there is a relatively slim body of literature regarding the cataloging of e-book readers. At present, there is no uniform approach to cataloging e-book readers and libraries are currently employing a number of different methods. This article will describe the approach to cataloging e-book readers adopted at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library of Wake Forest University, which is based on the local service model for e-readers that takes into account how patrons are expected to use the devices, as well as licensing concerns about the use of titles on e-readers. In order to make the devices discoverable for patrons with a minimum of confusion, certain unusual cataloging practices are employed (such as, e-readers are coded as “realia,” but are given a GMD of “electronic resource”). We argue that the RDA code should accommodate e-book readers by creating carrier types that accurately describe these devices in a way that patrons can understand.
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Kelley, Steve (author)
McCallum, Carolyn (author)
Lock, Mary Beth (author)
2012-12-17T15:51:24Z (accessioned)
2012-12-17T15:51:24Z (available)
2012 (issued)
Kelley, S., McCallum, C., & Lock, M.B. (2012, September). The Cataloging of E-Book Readers: A Service Model-Oriented Approach. Serials Review, 38.3: 178-182. Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.serrev.2012.08.001. (citation)
http://hdl.handle.net/10339/37643 (uri)
http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.serrev.2012.08.001 (uri)
Serials Review
The Cataloging of E-Book Readers: A Service Model-Oriented Approach

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