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Giuseppe De Santis Film Stills


Writer, director and actor Giuseepe De Santis (11 February 1917 – 16 May 1997) was a world famous Italian filmmaker, considered one of the founders of neorealism in filmmaking. He made his directorial debut in 1947 and continued to write and direct motion pictures for several years. He won several international awards and nominations for his motion pictures. Following his death, Wake Forest University became a holder of part of his archives.

Motion pictures for which images are included in this digital collection are listed as follows with their original Italian titles followed by their USA release titles when applicable: “Giorni d'amore” (“Days of Love”) (1954); “Non c'e pace tra gli ulivi” (Under the Olive Tree) (1950); “Uomini e lupi” (“Men & Wolves”) (1957); “La strada lunga un anno” (“The Year Long Road”) (1958); and “Pettotondo” (1959).

There are also behind the scenes images of De Santis with his filmmaking crew.

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