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Famous First Words @ Writers' Camp

Womack, Hubert David

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The inspiration for Writers' Camp @ ZSR came after a group of ZSR librarians heard Jane McGonigal present “Find the Future: The Game” during the American Library Association’s 2014 Annual Conference. The ZSR Library wanted to provide an opportunity to engage students interested in writing outside of the classroom and to offer these students the opportunity to become published authors. The works are from the second writers' camp hosted at the ZSR Library. A group of 25 student authors was selected to meet at ZSR on the evening of Friday, February 9th from 7:30 pm to Saturday, February 10th at 7:00 am and write a collection of stories (or essays or poems) that were then cataloged and published in this book. Each participant is listed as an author and received a copy of the book.
Writers' Camp 2018 was funded by the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, the WFU Writing Center, OPCD, and THRIVE. (sponsorship)
Wake Forest University
student writing
undergraduate writing
special collections
Womack, Hubert D. (author)
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2018 (issued)
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Famous First Words @ Writers' Camp

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