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Finding the Maternal in Shakespeare, Kincaid, Abani, and Hamid

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Finding the Maternal in Shakespeare, Kincaid, Abani, and Hamid
Frantz, Kristin
The theme of “otherness,” against a backdrop of societal apathy, where the marginalized struggle to seek coping mechanisms in a tech-savvy yet increasingly detached world of persistent ethnic, gender, and racial injustice, formulates the crux of this thesis. Human nurture helps mold humankind, but what happens when societal indoctrination influences, thwarts, or changes the authenticity of inorganic nurture? Through the art of storytelling this thesis nuances the way social ethos (the vibe or attitudes of a populous) marginalizes those who do not conform to gender conventions. The nonconformists, who rebuke such a construct, subsequently, become othered in society. The injustices inflicted on such characters cause them to struggle within a singular world. The art of imagination through storytelling can be a mean for change. Art becomes an escape mechanism during the protagonists’ struggles. These novels hone art disciplines which help the characters cope: music in Shakespeare’s Othello; photography and fine art in Kincaid’s Lucy; the art of performance in Abani’s The Secret History of Las Vegas; and poetics amid chaos in Hamid’s Exit West. This thesis studies such a phenomenon where the marginalized struggle in society’s cognitive web; a cognitive web (rooted to apathetic, complacent filters) perpetuating the injustice for the marginalized.
Hena, Omaar (committee chair)
Holdridge, Jeffrey (committee member)
Shirey, Ryan (committee member)
2019-05-24T08:35:50Z (accessioned)
2019-05-24T08:35:50Z (available)
2019 (issued)
Liberal Studies (MALS) (discipline)
http://hdl.handle.net/10339/93978 (uri)
en (iso)
Wake Forest University

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