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Wikipedia-Based Assignments and Critical Information Literacy: A Case Study

Kaufman, Amanda Foster

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Wikipedia-Based Assignments and Critical Information Literacy: A Case Study
Foster-Kaufman, Amanda
LIB 100’s Wikipedia-based assignments made a good case study for instructors interested in pursuing the inclusion of critical information literacy in their courses. Since the fall of 2016, LIB 100 students have added fifty-five Wikipedia articles on worthy biographical subjects, such as Dorothy Lee Bolden, Katharine Smith Reynolds, Simon Green Atkins, Addie Waites Hunton, Mary Martin Sloop, Mariette Pathy Allen, Anna DeCosta Banks, and Lourdes Casal. According to LIB 100’s WikiEdu dashboards, the students’ articles have been viewed 60,000 times, grounding this project in an authentic context which makes a small, yet meaningful difference in counteracting systemic bias. While we remained true to the traditional learning goals of the course surrounding academic research and library use, the course was also able to explore underrepresentation and systemic bias using Wikipedia as a case study and encouraged students to consider how power, privilege, and oppression operate within systems that produce, organize, and provide access to information.
Library and information science
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Critical Approaches to Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses
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