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Health care barriers, racism, and intersectionality in Australia

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While racism has been shown to negatively affect health care quality, little is known about the extent to which racial discrimination works with and through gender, class, and sexuality to predict barriers to health care (e.g., perceived difficulty accessing health services). Additionally, most existing studies focus on racial disparities in the U.S. context, with few examining marginalized groups in other countries. To address these knowledge gaps, we analyze data from the 2014 Australian General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey of individuals aged 15 and older living in 12,932 private dwellings. Following an intersectional perspective, we estimate a series of multivariable logit regression models to assess three hypotheses: racial discrimination will be positively associated with perceived barriers to health care (H1); the effect of perceived racial discrimination will be particularly severe for women, sexual minorities, and low socio-economic status individuals (H2); and, in addition to racial discrimination, other forms of perceived discrimination will negatively impact perceived barriers to health care (H3). Findings show that perceptions of racial discrimination are significantly associated with perceived barriers to health care, though this relationship is not significantly stronger for low status groups. In addition, our analyses reveal that perceived racism and other forms of discrimination combine to predict perceived barriers to health care. Taken together, these results speak to the benefits of an intersectional approach for examining racial inequalities in perceived access to health care.
Social discrimination
Health care quality
Access and evaluation
Bastos, J. (author)
Harnois, C. (author)
Paradies, Y. (author)
2020-03-09T13:39:35Z (accessioned)
2020-03-09T13:39:35Z (available)
2018-02 (issued)
Bastos, Joao L., Harnois, Catherine E. and Paradies, Yin C. 2018, Health care barriers, racism, and intersectionality in Australia, Social science & medicine, vol. 199, pp. 209-218 (citation)
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.05.010 (doi)
http://hdl.handle.net/10339/96031 (uri)
en (iso)
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ (uri)
Social Science & Medicine
Health care barriers, racism, and intersectionality in Australia

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