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Kurt D. Baum was a Jewish boy of 17 years old when he was sent in 1937 to live in the United States from Germany to escape Nazi rule. Over the next several years, he received a series of letters from family members (mostly his parents) in Germany, which provide a vivid and often unique view of Jewish life under Nazism - and the efforts to find refuge in the United States - in the years just prior to and at the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust. Some of Baum's descendants currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Baum was born in 1920, and passed away in 2004. He was married to Rose Baum, and their children are Maralynn Martin and Rita (Sam) Postolski. He is also the grandfather of Lauren Cane and Joshua Postolski. This collection includes correspondence letters from Germany and family photographs of Baum and family members.