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Joseph Edward Carter POW Journal and Papers

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Joseph Edward "Ed" Carter served in the United States Army as a B-17 bomber pilot during WWII. On October 19, 1943, he was shot down over Bremen, Germany. He was initially declared killed in action, and his parents had a memorial service for him. However, Carter was actually captured and was held at the Stalag Luft III German prisoner of war camp located in Sagan, 100 miles south-east of Berlin, now called Zagan, in Upper Silesia, Poland. He was later held in the Stalag Luft VI German prisoner of war camp, located near the town of Heydekrug, Memelland (now Šilutė in Lithuania). Upon his return to the United States, he married his childhood sweetheart, Evelyn Culberson, and had four sons. He died in 2016. This collection includes Carter’s POW journal during his time at Stalag Luft III, “The Evacuation of Stalag Luft III, Sagan, Germany”, written by Carter, and a military portrait of Carter.

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