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Item Details

Max Hoffmann 1873-1962 [composer]
2011-10-17 (issued)
A Major [key]
piano [instrumentation]
2 violin [instrumentation]
cello [instrumentation]
bass [instrumentation]
2 alto saxophone [instrumentation]
2 tenor saxophone [instrumentation]
3 trumpet [instrumentation]
2 trombone [instrumentation]
drums [instrumentation]
full score [instrumentation]The full score is handwritten in pencil with notes in regular pencil and red colored pencil. There are also several number stamps in black ink which are crossed out or circled on a few of the pages. The parts are in both pencil and ink with markings, underlining, and outlining in red colored pencil. Small sections of a few measures have drafts pasted over the original. Due to the strength of the adhesive the drafts were not removed during processing. The fair copies are written on staff paper that says "Property of Columbia Broadcasting System." [notes
Orchestral work
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Max and Gertrude Hoffman Music Manuscript Collection

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