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Hasnain, Maheen, oral history and interview

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Winston-Salem (N.C.)
Williams, Stephanie
Hasnain, Maheen
2019-11-07 (issued)
Maheen Hasnain is a Junior at Wake Forest University pursuing her B.A. in Religious Studies and serves as the Secretary for the Muslim Student Association (MSA). This oral history covers the integral role that Islam plays in her daily life, helping her to form her decisions and guiding her steps, and highlights the importance the values of Islam have in her interactions. Hasnain is appreciative of the support that faculty and staff provide with their presence during MSA events, and how being Secretary for MSA has increased her confidence and exposed her to new ways of thinking about Islam. Hasnain briefly touches on her negative experiences in the form of an interaction one of her classmates had with the Wake Forest Review during an interview, in which the Review was very destructive of what Muslim students would want in order to feel safe; she also mentions that there is no place on campus to get Halal meat and the negative impact that can have on new students to campus who are used to meat in their diet. Her words of advice at the end of the history are simple, but inspiring: don't automatically assume we see things differently; we all come from different backgrounds. We aren't any different than non-Muslims, we just have different traditions.
790A Knowledge Dispels Fear: Islam and Islamophobia: Student Interview Project
Faculty director: Dr. Joshua Canzona, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Part-Time Assistant Teaching Professor of Theology, School of Divinity (Wake Forest University)
oral histories
Special Collections and Archives
Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Wake Forest University
History of Wake Forest University Oral Histories (RG53.1)
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Muslim college students
Wake Forest University
Halal food
Hasnain, Maheen, oral history and interview

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